Activities Worldwide related to the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE

Activities Worldwide related to the

The following is an overview of many of the activities related to the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE (Oct.18 + Nov.14-22) sorted by dates and locations. Basis of the GES was this call to action as well as the international joint statement.

This video can also be downloaded on (direct link, .wmv, ~650mb).


Sorted by dates:

✖  October 18 (Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education -- Direct Democracy NOW!

✖  November 14  ✖  November 15    November 16  ✖  November 17  ✖  November 18 

✖  November 19  ✖  November 20  ✖  November 21  November 22 

Sorted by locations (number in brackets indicates the date for locations with more than one entry):

✖  Arcata    Auckland    Bangkok    Belgrade    Bremen (N14)  Bremen (N19) 

✖  Bristol (N15)  Bristol (N19)    Brno (O18)  Brno (N19)    Brussels 

✖  California    Chicoutimi    Coburg    Erlangen    France    Frankfurt/M    Göttingen 

✖  Hannover (N14)  Hannover (N15) Hannover (N19)  Hannover (N22)    Hildesheim 

  Indonesia  ✖  Kiev (N15)  Kiev (N16)    Lausanne    London    Lüneburg 

✖  Manila    Marburg (N14)  Marburg (N19)  Marburg (N20)    Milan    Montréal    Morocco    Münster 

✖  New Orleans    New York    Oldenburg    Prague    Québec (N14)  Québec (N22)    Québec City 

✖  Rimouski    Santiago de Chile    Semarang    Taipei    Vechta    Winnipeg    Zürich 


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