Solidarity Statement against State Repression

In addition to the international joint statement with the focus on education some individuals connected to the ISM platform agreed on the following statement focusing on (state) repression. It is the result of various discussions through online chat meetings. To support it as a group/ initiative or individual drop a line at

Solidarity Statement against (State) Repression

We want to express our support and solidarity with those suffering under and fighting against state repression, while struggling for free emancipatory education anywhere in this world.

State repression is inherently linked to the struggle for emancipation, in its many shapes and colors. People worldwide endure violence at the hands of the state whenever they begin to move and feel their chains. State repression exists within the streets as well as on campus. Such repression has taken numerous forms ranging from direct acts of violence to the limitation of free speech. Such acts serve to uphold current state-market relations which aim to produce exploitable diligent human capital rather than individuals politically engaged in their communities.

Repressive policies have many faces; be it particular laws (e.g. P-6 in Montréal), undercover agents infiltrating activist groups, campus police or other means of surveillance on campus, or the common attacks by armed forces during demonstrations,which often result in arrests,serious injuries or even deaths.

We categorically condemn state repression and stand in solidarity with students (and others) scrutinizing the predominant political, economic and social system, asking critical questions and striving for alternatives in the struggle for emancipation.
We emphasize the importance of solidarity on the local as well as global level, in the effort to highlight state repression of students' ability to struggle for their interests.

Solidarity across campuses, national borders, and other arbitrary divisions permits us to mitigate the effectiveness of varying forms of intimidation tactics. 

By signing this statement, you contribute to a sign of global solidarity and raise awareness of the structural function of state repression,and reiterate the need for an education emancipated form both the market and the state.

One World - One Struggle

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P.P.S.: For some recent cases of state repression in the on going struggle for emancipatory education click here.


This statement is being supported by the following groups so far:

This statement is being supported by the following individuals so far:

  • Alan L. Stewart
  • Patrick Luzina, member of the federal association of Campusgrün (= campus green)

Some recent Cases of Repression related to the Struggle

Some recent Cases of Repression

May 2013

  • 05/14: During a student strike against fees and cuts across Australia protesters were attacked by riot police at the University of Sydney. As a result one student has a broken leg, other students and staff have cracked ribs, another internal bleeding, one protester has a broken nose. At least several students were trampled badly. Many students suffered severe psychological distress and at least one came very near to an epileptic fit. One student was choked and deprived of oxygen for a minute and half.

April 2013

  • 04/15: One student died and another one was seriously wounded when "security forces" attacked a demonstration in support of teachers who are currently on strike for better working conditions in Dapaong (Togo).
  • 04/09: Up to five students of Tai Solarin College of Education (TASCE) in Ijagun (Nigeria) were killed and 46 arrested during protests. Afterwards 26 students were expelled.
    Students were protesting the refusal of school authorities to allow students to take exams over their non-payment of tuition fees.
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  • 02/04: Sudipta Gupta, a student activist involved in the Students' Federation of India (SFI), died in custody after being arrested during a protest in Kolkata. The death triggered protest demonstrations in Chennai, New Delhi, and Kerala. In some regions strikes were organised. 
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January 2013

  • 01/26: Mohamed Fizazi, a 22 year old radical leftist student, passed away after he had been beaten up when the police broke into the campus of Mohamed Ibn Abdellah University in Fès. He was a member of the National Union of Students in Morocco in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.

This list will be regularly updated. To suggest further cases of repression drop a line at the mailing list of the ISM (global) admin collective: