"Balkan Student"

"Balkan Student"

originally taken from Balkan-Student.site90.net:

“Balkan Student” is a network of independent student groups from the Balkans, fighting for free and emancipating education for all, based on the principles of direct democracy.

We stand for:

  • Free education for all. We regard the education as a public good that should be accessible to all regardless of their socio – economic background, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion etc.
  • Autonomy of the Universities. Educational system which exercises independent politics, with no labour market or state influences.
  • Student organizing based on the principles of direct  democracy.
  • Emancipatory education based on progressive ideas and rational and critical thinking.

 As our objectives:

  • Abolishment of  the Bologna process and its replacement with publicly funded educational system accessible to all.
  • Abolishment of all tuition fees and increase of the public funding.
  • Abolishment of the representative student governing bodies and replacement with student self-organizing based on the principles of direct democracy.
  • Complete political autonomy of the universities.

Keeping in mind that we are facing a state-controlled, labour market dependent public education, subjected to neo-liberal reforms and with high costs, we are gathered from all countries of the Balkans in solidarity and mutual aid to fight against:

  • An educational system that teaches us hierarchy and submissiveness, discouraging any critical thinking, while trying to silence any effort to question dominant relations in society;
  • An educational system subjected to aggressive commercialization that allows influence of the state power and of the capitalist tendencies, forming its curriculum to fit the needs of the labour market, creating working machines instead of critical humans;
  • An educational system in which the students’ participation is limited to the legal existence of corrupted, state-controlled, privileged and hierarchical student governing bodies.

We encourage any progressive group coming from any country in the Balkans, which fights against capitalist repression and increased neo-liberal reforms, which stands for equality and freedom of all humans, and above all, which stands for free and emancipating education, to join us in our fight, for only in solidarity can we create a healthy educational system to be the basis of a free and just society.

One Balkan – One Struggle

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