Call for Protests in November by Education Activists across Germany

Call for Protests in November
by Education Activists across Germany

We, the supporters of this paper, call on all pupils, students, trainees, teachers, lecturers and all, who want to be active for education, to join the "Education Strike for Solidarity and Free Education". November 17th and the days around should be marked with demonstrations, protests, occupations and other actions. With these we want to achieve changes in education policies, politicise people and strengthen self-organisation. We put our activities in the context of the youth and social protests worldwide and the „Global Weeks of Action for Education“ (Nov. 7-20th) in particular.

What we want:

  • Abolishment of all education fees – Free Education for All!
  • Money for Education instead of Banks and Corporations
  • Abolishment of the polynominal school system – One School for All!
  • Places at Universities and for Training for All
  • Abolishment of all Barriers that restrict Access to Education, also for Master Courses of Study
  • Permanent Employment after Training
  • A mandatory Pay-as-you-go Financing – Those who don't train should pay!
  • Smaller Classes and Courses with a maximum number of 20 Pupils – more Teachers/Lecturers at all public Educational Institutions
  • Abolishment of "turbo A'levels" (introduced in recent years to cut the time by one year)
  • Free Meals and usage of Public Transit for All at All Schools, Kindergartens and Universities
  • Democracy instead of Repression – the Democratisation of all Educational Institutions and all Areas of Life
  • Against the Militarisation of Educational Institutions – for the Civil Clause (banning research for military purposes), toppling Cooperation Agreements

We want to stand together for these demands as well as those on the regional level and fight for them. To achieve them we will get organised locally and call on all people to initiate alliances. We suggest that these alliances arrange actions with a strong public outreach during the middle of November, especially on November 17th: they could be flashmobs, rallies, occupations or strikes. We also want to push forward our content of education and discuss this issue during events. For a broad education movement!

Adopted at the federal "education strike" conference in Berlin (Sept. 9-11th 2011).

The original in German can be accessed here.