Call for United Symbol

Call for an "United Symbol"
for the "Global Wave of Action for Education"

Want to know what the "global wave" is all about? Go here.

An important part of it all will be a "united symbol", which can be used by all groups arranging protests/actions they understand to be part of the "global wave". Of course it is up to each group, if they want to make use of it or not.

The symbol is to be seen in combination with the "joint statement", which is the content basis for the "global wave". It can have a very powerful impact, if people see protests worldwide using the same symbol - knowing that everywhere this symbol stands for the struggle against the increasing privatisation of public education and for free and emancipatory education for all.

Therefore we ask all people who feel like making a design suggestion for a symbol to send it to before July 31st and it will be published inside this forum.

On Aug. 1st a poll will be set up on the website for one week where everyone can vote for the suggestion s_he likes most. On Aug. 8th we can then determine which symbol design it will finally be.

United Symbol

Thank you for informing us on this call. I hope that you will continue to keep us informed of what is happening and I hope that you will show the different entries for the symbol.

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Regards- Anthony

First suggestions coming in

I. here are some suggestions that came in with the first mail:

- submitted by Daniel in Bochum


II. Second suggestion:

- submitted by Manuel in Freiburg


III. Third inspiration:

- submitted by Günter in Vienna

4th suggestion

I believe the following could be used as well:

5th suggestion

The following is also a design suggestion for the "day of action" in the U.S.A. on Oct.7th - the date could be removed.

submitted by an activist in the U.S.A.


i have also tried to be creative and have been thinking about a possible symbol but have not been able to come to any results for the following reason:
throughout my artistic activities i have become more and more aware of my understanding of symbolism in general. as a matter of fact, an artist works with symbols in order to convey meaning. so it is a means of communication, just as words and numbers are. now, in my opinion, the result of this symbolic communication is not the same as the thought from which it comes into being. it is not the "reality", but an image of it.
of course i do appreciate symbolism as a means of communication, but i feel that it is prone to mislead people.
as for the symbol for a movement which deals with the issue of emancipation, i simply cannot imagine what sort of symbol could represent my understanding of emancipation. for me, emancipation is a thought which cannot be described adequately in words. furthermore, i think it needs to be felt. personally, i feel that it is a consciousness which is beyond our perception. therefore, in my opinion, our movement is a process which tries to explore what emancipation actually means and thus amplify our cognition.
by no means i wanted to give the expression that i totally reject the use of a (positive) symbol for the movement. i just cannot think of a symbol which i would use for my "identification". also, i would like to stress that as our movement is open to any individual that wants to join, i accept any (positive) symbol that a person chooses to use. and as the symbol that will be used for the next campaign is and should be open to revision and change, i simply hope that a creative mind can get some inspiration of this rather philosophical comment on the topic and come up with the greatest of ideas.

kind regards,



i simply wanted to comment on the question why we need a symbol at all, because it seems that only few people are willing to contribute to the planning of the global wave and im not quite sure if it is because they dont care about the design or because they dont grasp the potential of the global wave of united action.

personally, i regard ideologies with suspicion because as soon as you identify with one, you partly submit yourself to the underlying idea and its manifestation in the actions of the people who follow it. thus, the activism takes its own course and while you try to act according to your own ethics and world-view, your deeds are connected to the united effect of the movement and its interaction with the environment. so, if you identify with a symbol (an ideology/movement/idea), you submit yourself to it in its entireness.
as far as i can see, our movement is not an ideology which is exclusive to new ideas and thus does not create a dogma which any activist is supposed to abide by. this being the case, it seems plausible that people can choose any symbol which comes close to their own thinking.
but lets not forget about the positive aspects of an united symbol.
as a means of communication, it signals an alliance which is further explained in the joint statement (ethics, goal, ...). after all, we unite on the basis of the demand for a better world which enables every individual to act freely. then, the individual is to take responsibility in communicating the change we want to see in the world. it does not matter which symbol you use as long as you do not understand it as a dogma and act accordingly.
furthermore, if the united symbol is used extensively, then it signals the urgent need for action for a better world. under the premise that we are still in the process of finding a mode of work for the transformation, every single person should not forget to mention the openness to experience, which is the foundation of the alliance. the symbol will then be a helpful tool to and people will hopefully become aware of the power we actually have and feel agitated to support us.

although i used to like black flags, i stopped having the need to choose a favourite colour. ;)

6th Suggestion

the creator permits any modifications: .xcf

the person who submitted this wants to remain anonymous

Thanks Kasperi! That is

Thanks Kasperi! That is iteresting...

I think if we need a symbol which can just say "hey I am part of the international movement for education!" (or against...), we have to forget words. We can be inspired by the italian "onda anomala" (wave) or austrian "uni brennt" (uni burning)...

I really like these two pictures. I know the "wave" was useful in demonstrations to protect the activists from the cops. And... I think there is no need to explain why I like the picture of a university burning :)
I also personally have a liking for pirates... it's not directly related to education but the imagery of pirates can give some very creative things...
... and if we continue the metaphor, we could say we are the pirates making the wave :) then there are a lot of possibilities that can be adapted to all the situations...

And with this imagery we can both do a carnival with the children and show we are not here to laugh ;) (and we are apart from nations!)

7th suggestion

Hi all,

my proposal for an international symbol for the global wave of action: the book-throwing guy from the flyer for the demo that took place in Frankfurt at the end of january. I've attached the graphic. Someone in Frankfurt might have a version in higher resolution.



Revision of this a possibility?

I really like this image. It's provocative.

Perhaps there could be some revision done of it -- to internationalize it, and to make it either more gender neutral, or more gender inclusive?

more suggestions

Suggestion #8

submitted by Justyna in Marburg

Suggestion #9

submitted by  David in Freiburg

Suggestion #10

submitted by Justyna in Marburg

Suggestion #11

submitted by Gregor in Vienna

Suggestion #12


This is great, students must

This is great, students must study hard nowadays.