Dhaka University, July 19th: Strike for Democratic Structures

Dhaka University, July 19th:
Students Strike for Democratic Structures

Shikkharthi Adhikar Mancha, a student platform at Dhaka University (DU), enforced a daylong strike on campus in their struggle for student union elections, the Dhaka University Central Student Union (DUCSU).
DU, with 35,000 students, is one of the biggest public universities in Bangladesh.

On July 12, the protesting students' platform gave the university administration a 72-hour-deadline to announce a date for the DUCSU polls. Since there was no reaction the students proceeded with the strike.
Among others the entrances of the Arts Faculty and Business Faculty buildings, Curzon Hall, Annex building, and the Institute of Business Administration building were locked by students in the early morning. At around noon the strikers held a protest rally in front of the arts building.

Protests at the Free University of Berlin

June 2012:
Protests at the so-called
Free University of Berlin

Last Wednesday (June 6) the Presidential Boad (Präsidium) of the Free University (FU) of Berlin temporarily looked like a besieged fortress: Several hundred students rushed to the entrance to get inside the building. Reason for the siege is a new framework of examination regulations, which the Presidential Board drafted without the inclusion of student committees. This framework includes that examinations can only be repeated twice and that students can be forced to attend compulsory consultation sessions from the third semester onwards. Michael Beron of the student representative body (AStA) sees in this framework an attempt to generate "an enormous pressure to perform and conform".


Faculties occupied at Universidad de la Laguna (Spain)

May 2012:
Students squat Faculties at the Universidad de la Laguna in the Struggle against Cuts

The following report was sent in by an activist involved in the ongoing occupation on May 23rd:

My name is Florencia, I am one of the students who are occupying the Fine Arts building at the Universidad de La Laguna in Tenerife. Let me explain why we are here.
On April 20th, the Spanish government published a Royal Decree in order to reduce the budget in education by 3,000 million euros, for which the following measures will be taken:

  • Controlling the growth of the Universities and the creation of new centers. (We are specially affected by this, since our building is seriously damaged, old, and inappropriate, and they will stop building the new one, that is halfway built by now.)
  • Controlling the hiring of teachers (200 professors will be fired in our university alone)
  • Roughening the requirements for accessing scholarships. This will make it nearly impossible for students to balance studying and working. Soon only the wealthy will be able to access higher education. 
  • Controlling thoroughly the teacher’s research. 
  • If Universities overdue the budget they will be fined.
  • University fees will rise significantly. Enrollment for an undergraduate degree currently costs around 700/800 euros, but next year it will rise up to 1,900.

Kuala Lumpur: Rally for Free Education

Kuala Lumpur, April 14th:
Rally for Free Education
- public Square occupied -

Not only in Taipei (check: ism-global.net) have students and teachers in Asia been resisting the increasing commercialisation of education, but also in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) things are heating up. More than 500 people protested against the education loan scheme PTPTN as well as for free education in the streets of the capital yesterday (April 14th). PTPTN stands for the National Higher Education Fund Corporation.

The students first gathered in front of Masjid Jamek LRT station at 2pm. They then marched towards the Sogo shopping centre along Jalan Raja Laut. At 3pm, the crowd stopped in front of the Sogo shopping centre to hear speeches from student leaders.

Mandeep Singh, a former student (he did not disclose his university): "The PTPTN only drives the youth into debt. And not just the youth, but also their families!” he shouted.

The students then left Sogo at around 3:35pm, and marched down Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman towards Dataran Merdeka.

Following the rally more than 300 activists began to set up tents on the Merdeka Square and occupied it. Assemblies were and are still being held. At this hour (April 15th - 5.30pm local time) the square is still being occupied.

reports: freemalaysiatoday.com + malaysia-chronicle.com

By the way, how about uniting worldwide for a Global Education Strike on November 19th 2012?

Currently activists are also considering to set up an International Student Movement - Chinese (中文). Get involved!
International Student Movement - Asia: ism-global.net/ism.asia

more videos of the rally: I, II, III, IV

pictures of the rally:

"Students are not Robots! Stop fooling students."

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