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The purpose of this thread is for groups and individuals to share their email addresses with other activists around the world. This will help to make the networking process easier.

Here is the first list of contacts. You are all welcome to leave a comment below with your contacts + location + group (if you want to) and I will add the details to the list.

All these contacts are involved in the "International Student Movement" in some way:

More contacts [with phone numbers] can be found below this press-release.

Tampere is taking part of the week too

A group organised at the University of Tampere, Finland is arranging activities during the action week and on the eve of 1st of May. There's little information in english on our website:

We can be contacted by e-mail via this address:

Our location is Tampere, Finland.

And the name of our group is "Toimiva yliopisto" (Acting University).

An action-interest group in Austria

We are "Interessensvertretung der externen LektorInnen und freien WissenschaftlerInnen" in Austria (Union of external lecturers and free lance sicentists) an interest group representing the scientific workers at- and around Austrian universities that work under precarious conditions.
Our contact dates are: , as well as:

Contact information
Irvine, California
"Radical Student Union"

SUD Etudiant Orléans

We are a group organised at the University of Orléans in France. Some of us participated to the demonstrations in Leuven and Louvain in 2009 and one of our activists will participate in the action week in Munchen from 7 to 11 June.



Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)

I'd like to provide myself as a contact for students, no matter what age they are at, to help them at local schools (Saxony Anhalt). I'll help them getting actions started or even if they've got personal problems at school.
But also as a contact person for international students to spread the word about events, protests etc.

My contact details are:

Name: Sascha Nickel
location: Magdeburg , Germany
msn and mail :
icq: 557205176