Discussion: Call for a Global Week of Action 2009

Here are two suggestions for an official Call for the Global Week of Action 2009 so far:


First one (by Lisa):

"In light of global financial insecurity, more and more people ask themselves: Is the public education system still serving the interests of the public, or is the focus shifting to implement education systems that primarily serve
private and business interest? How will I afford college for my children? How will I ever pay off all the student loans? How much more will fees increase?
In continuation with the International Students Movement's November 5 day of action, countries around the globe are celebrating a week of action. During the week of April 20-29 students, teachers, and citizens around the world are uniting to reclaim education from the grip of commercialization and neoliberal policies.
Some groups will be protesting in the streets, others will be raising awareness on campus, but we will all be fighting for the same goal - education for all!

One World - One Struggle, Education is NOT for Sale!"


And the second suggestion (by myself):

Constitutive on the "International Day of Action against the Commercialization of Education" on Nov.5th 2008, the International Students Movement is calling for a Global Week of Action in April 2009 (20/04 – 29/04).

We are a loose network of various progressive (student) groups from close to 30 countries on 5 continents. What unites us is the struggle against the increasing commercialization of education and for emancipating public education accessible to all members of society.

More and more groups realize that forces responsible for this development – the privatisation and commodification of education (like many other aspects of life) – function globally. And we can only effectively counter them, if we unite in our struggle.

Students, teachers, workers and parents around the world ask themselves: Is the public education system actually still serving the interests of the public, or is the focus shifting to implement education systems that primarily serve private and business interests? Tuition fees are – once introduced – sky-rocketing, universities and schools are turned into businesses, student debt keeps increasing and education budgets cut. Institutions of higher education become highly dependant on their ability to attract sponsorships (usually from economic actors).
Consequently only those institutions and departments are able to survive, that are deemed valuable by sponsors.

Public education systems, from kindergarten to university, must prioritize emancipating aspects, be free and accessible to all. A democracy only exists, if society consists of emancipated and self-determined individuals, that are able to critically reflect their (social) environment, developments and power structures. Any system, that doesn’t fulfill these criteria is not a

The fact, that groups in more than 20 countries on 5 continents joined the international day of action in November show how international this struggle is.
During the week of April 20-29 active citizens around the word are uniting to
reclaim education from the grip of commercialization and so-called "neoliberal

It is up to each group how and for how many days they want to express their protest. It can be a smaller or bigger action. But it is important that we co-ordinate this together.
Therefore please get in touch with us, once you decided to arrange something for the Global Week of Action.

Let's get organized and unite in our struggle!


Please send your questions or enquiries to: united.for.education@gmail.com


The latest list of supporters for the week of action can be accessed here.

Materials, such as posters and flyers, can be downloaded here.

A list of some of the groups and activists involved in the Global Week of Action around the world can be viewed here.

And hopefully an overview of the planned actions during the week of action around the world will be ready soon here.

A mobilization video can be viewed here.


Furthermore some translations have been pasted and are open for discussion on this Wiki.


I like the first one, personally.  But I think it has more to do with personal aesthetics than content, as both are very good and very well written.

That said, why not use both.



As for me, I like both texts

As for me, I like both texts of course, but I wonder if it will be better to have a short text for the call. I think Lisa's text is more dynamic, more inspiring ... so I vote for this one !

spontaneous spanish translation

A la vista de una inseguridad económica a escala global, cada vez más personas se preguntan: sirve el sistema público de educación a los intereses y necesidades de todos, o estamos siendo testigos de la implementación de un sistema educativo que en primera linea sirve a intereses privados y comerciales? Cómo podré costear los estudius de mis hij@s? Podré pagar alguna vez las deudas producidas por la tasa de estudio? Cuánto más aumentarán las tasas? Como continuación del día de acción del Movimiento Internacional de Estudiantes, el 5 de Noviembre pasado, estudiantes de diferentes países llaman a una semana de acción global. Durante una semana (del 20 al 27 de Abril) estudiantes, profesores y ciudadanos alrededor de todo el mundo se unirán para reclamar una educación libre de las garras de la comercialicación y de politicas neoliberales. Algunos grupos llevarán la protesta a las calles, otros se concentrarán en acciones en el propio campus, pero todos estarán luchando por el mismo propósito: educación para tod@s!
One World - One Struggle, la educación NO se vende!

Italian Translation of the 1st suggestion

"Alla luce delle difficoltà dell'economia mondiale, molti si chiedono: l'istruzione pubblica sta ancora facendo gli interessi del popolo, o il suo obiettivo è creare unìistruzione al servizio degli interessi privati e aziendali? Come posso mandare i miei ragazzi all'università? Come farò a pagare tutto l'affitto? Di quanto aumenteranno le tasse di iscrizione?Come proseguimento della Giornata Internazionale di Mobilitazione degli Studenti del 5 Novembre, le nazioni intorno al mondo stanno per sostenere una settimana di mobilitazione. Durante la settimana che va dal 20 Aprile al 27 studenti, insegnanti, e cittadini di tutto il mondo si uniranno per riprendersi l'istruzione dalle mani delle politiche commercialiste e neoliberaliste.

Alcuni gruppi scenderanno per le strade, altri faranno sensibilizzazione nei campus, ma tutti noi stiamo combattendo per lo stesso scopo - istruzione per tutti!

One World - One Struggle, Education is NOT for Sale!

[Un mondo - Una battaglia, l'Istruzione non è in vendita]"

For the booklets any suggestion?

maybe is it possible?

A lot of students in Europe want to make a massive demonstration in belgium the week after the Global Week of Action, because in the days of 28 and 29 of April will take place an international summit on the Bologna Process.

It's obviuslly impossible to make in force both the demonstration, and a lot of people haven't ever ear about the Global Week.

I know that now it's late, but for me the better solution is to move the Global Week of Action to include the days 28 and 29.

What do you think about?

@Interuni UB

Personally I don't mind extending the "Global Week of Action" by another 2 days. Could you provide a few more details regarding the protests planned in Belgium on 28 and 29 April. Who is calling for the demonstration?

Once you provided more details I will forward them to the other group contacts, that I have and ask them how they feel about extending the week for 2 days.

Hi from Paris, we work to

Hi from Paris,

we work to launch a call for organize a counter summit in Louvain.  Many people and organizations are interested about that... see you soon!

My idea is not to extend the

My idea is not to extend the Week, but to move it to contain the 28 and 29.

for example, can start on friday 24 and end thursday 30. To starting on friday and end on thursday isn't the better for a massive demonstration, i know.

if you have any other better idea, write it on.

here in Spain there is the accord to make some noise for thoose days.It is comes from the meeting that have take place in Valencia the 17 of september, in wich has participated all the squatted faculties in Spain. and seems impossible to make 2 weeks of action, or even 10 days.

everything can be changed, but this event is really imortant for the european students.

Groups and movements...

...don't have to have protest events during the whole "week". So also if the movement in Spain "only" joins the protests from the 24th onwards, then that's totally fine!

As far as I know it is better for the groups in North America (U.S. of A. and Canada) to have their events and protests at an earlier date, because at the end of April they will have their exam periode and some even don't have lessons anymore, so campuses are empty.

Furthermore we have been promoting the "Global Week of Action" beginning from April 20th. So maybe some groups are actually preparing protests for that date.

I think the easiest would be, if we have the "Global Week of Action" from April 20 - 29. That way the protests on 28th and 29th, as well as groups who prefer to have their actions from the 20th onwards, can be included in the "week".

I don't think it really matters, if we have the "Global Week of Action" for nine days, instead of seven.

French translation of the first call

la lumière de la crise financière actuelle, de plus en plus de
personnes se demandent : l'éducation publique sert-elle les intérêts
publics, ou la priorité est-elle d'assujettir le système éducatif
aux intérêts privés et économiques ?


novembre, des étudiants ont lancé une action mondiale qui s'est
traduit par de nombreuses actions dans tous les pays. Nous souhaitons
amplifier cette mobilisation. Du 20 au 27 avril, étudiants,
enseignants, et citoyens doivent être unis pour se réapproprier un
enseignement de plus en plus aliéné aux politiques néolibérales
et transformé en marchandise.

protesteront dans les rues, d'autres mobiliseront dans leur campus,
mais tous nous nous battons pour un même but : l'éducation pour
tous !

monde – Une lutte, l'Éducation n'est PAS à vendre !

Both are good, but...

the second one is a bit better in terms of the language used... however i would like to point few things out, 1- "Students, teachers, workers and parents around the world ask themselves: Is the public education system actually still serving the interests of the public, or is the focus shifting to implement education systems that primarily serve private and business interests? " this passage is from both pieces, i think the bit where it says "is the public education system STILL serving..." should be rephrased without the word STILL, because in no capitalist system public education served the interest of the people, it has always been a tool of profit for the 'rulers' and the 'bosses', however previously this was not done so obviously, yet now they dont hesitate to do this so openly. 2- We too think that the week should be either extended or shifted to correspond with the Bologna Summit. And a global participation should be made. We should all be there and be well organised and prepared for the action. 3- I will translate some of the documents to Turkish and try to get it translated into Dutch and Greek (not to promise these two, but i will try) in solidarity, Nisan- New Democratic Youth

2. version CALL in Turkish



5 Kasım insiyatifi olarak bir araya gelen ve ‘5 Kasım- Eğitimin Ticarileştirilmesine Karşı Uluslararası Eylem Günü’nü örgütleyen Enternasyonel Öğrenci Hareketi (ISM) ikinci uluslarası faaliyeti olan ve 20-29 Nisan 2009 tarihleri arasında gerçekleşecek ‘Küresel Eylem Haftası’nın çalışmalarına başlamıştır.

ISM yaklaşık 30 farklı ülkeden, 5 farklı kıtadan bir araya gelmiş ilerici kurum, grup ve bireylerden oluşmaktadır. Bu bileşeni bir araya getiren şey eğitimin metalaştırılmasına karşı ve özgür, parasız ve herkes tarafından ulaşılabilir eğitim için yürüttükleri mücadeledir.

Her geçen gün daha fazla kurum ve grup eğitimin metalaştırılması ve özelleştirmesinin sebebi olan güçlerin (bir çok şeyde olduğu gibi) küresel çalışmaktadırlar. Ve bizler ancak mücadelemizde dünya çapında birleştiğimiz zaman onlara karşı güçlü etkiyi yaratabiliriz.

Dünyanın her yerinde öğrenciler, öğretmenler, işçiler ve ebeveynler kendilerine şunu sormaya başladılar: kamulsal eğitim sistemi gerçekten halkın çıkarları için mi kullanılıyor, yoksa esasta özel sektörün çıkarlarına mı hizmet ediyor? Har(a)ç paraları okulların ve üniversiteleri daha fazla ticarethanelere dönüştürmüş, öğrencilerin eğitim borçları yükselmiş ve her geçen gün eğitim bütçeleri kesilmektedir. Yükseköğrenim entsititüleri gittikçe sponsorlara bağımlı olmaktadır ve sonuç olarak da ancak sponsorların ‘değer’ gördükleri ensititü ve fakülteler ayakta kalma hakkı buluyor.

Kamusal Eğitim ana okulundan üniversiteye kadar bağımsızlığı benimsemeli ve herkese ücretsiz ve ulaşılabilir olmalıdır. Demokrasi ancak özgür, kendinden emin, gelişim ve güç yapılarını doğru şekilde sosyal çevresine yansıtacak kişiler yaratıldığı oranda olasıdır. Bu kriterleri yerine getirmeyen hiç bir sistem demokrasi sistemi değildir.

Geçmiş 5 Kasım eylemliliğin de 5 farklı kıtadan, 20 farklı ülkeden bir araya gelmiş bu insiyatif bu mücadelenin ne denli enternasyonel olduğunun somut göstergesidir. 20-29 Nisan Küresel Eylem Haftasında da dünyanın dört bir yanından aktivistler eğitime sahip çıkmak ve eğitimi metalaştıran neo-liberal politikalardan kurtarmak için birleşmektedirler.

Bu hafta içerisinde nasıl ve kaç gün eylem yapılacağı kurum ve grupların kendi insiyatifindedir. Bunlar yer yer büyük yer yer ise küçük eylemlikler olabilir. Ama önemli olan bunları birlikte koordine etmektir. Bu nedenle eğer bir eylem planınız varsa bu tarihler arasında lütfen bizimle kontağa geçin.

Mücadelemizde örgütlenelim ve bir araya gelelim!