flyer proposals place online now.

flyer place opener

FU Berlin, nov 5th, 2008

this picture is not meant as a flyer 'vorlage' as long as it´s no one´s wish. as soon as the idea is welcome, feel free to take use of it for campaigns.


if you visit us from another students´ movement group and would like to take use of it, please do not forget to sign it as "international.students.movement/apk".

you can find the other "demo aesthetics" motives clicking

(if you have bad luck and the picture server monster is sleeping right now - so that you see either no picture or exactly the same sleeping warning message - please visit this page later.)

NEW, FRESH, in DIFFERENT STYLES and from DIFFERENT activists posted flyer proposals will and should be placed in this forum underpage as "responses", otherwise we will soon be in a too much and huge chaos to work on (as symphatical as it sometimes is, in this case it would lead to too long searching time for page visitors, searching students, contacting activists).

if the picture above does not show up yet, i´ll work on it.


feel free to visit

if you're interested in other pictures from FU`s Global Action Day on nov, 5th 2008.

More about it on

<- there''s a 'tip-feler' (frei nach julian tuwim) in the article´s description, It´s 'incidantly', not 'incitantly', but anyway.




next proposals from artists activists

next proposals fom student artists activists are welcome and can be posted by them as "comments/answers/responses" right here. you only have to sign in/register to the network bloq place here and your cooperation can start immediatly.

"next proposals just arrived on gate..."

next proposals arrived on
i think, we will not have such a big problem havin' different styles - maybe lots more - for the groups to choose which one they prefer themselves - it´s just: it would be good if we would keep to the idea to stick this nice transparent design - this code transpi  - the one hanging outside of the window - maybe as a thumbnail at the bottom of the flyers - for those who want to show they stay connected to international students movement somehow
what do you think?

new flyer proposal arrived

new flyer proposal found:


i´ve just found this via a link on


...and this here, quite fresh, ... seems to be "designed" for june 15th or somethin´, let´s see. i´ve just found it glimpsing inside of the "NEWZFROMTHEUNI"-folder, it includes a short description about how it developped, the *transpi*.

UPUPUP!!! it´s quite fresh and recent.