Longterm Perspective and Spring of Resistance


this is what i was thinking when i heared "Spring of Resistance"
for the first time... and it doesn't stop ;)

humanity is facing a ton of problems which violate the
borders of sanity (not investing in education, letting
1 billion people hunger permanently, destroying eco-
systems wherever we appear ... the list is endless)

what is keeping sanity from getting involved into
our policies? it's mere a question of what is keeping
us out of authority over decisions. that cracks it
down to a meta problem.

our tool is broken with which we ought to be fixing
all the epic fails of society. we have to fix the tool
first in order to create a nurturing environment for
sanity within policies.

our tool can only be democracy. but we need to leave the current
dysfunctional embryonic state and actually perform the next steps
of the evolution of democracy. if there are any solid suggestions
for this evolutionary steps available, we have to demand their
discussion and implementation with highest intensity.

one radical suggestion was made by johannes heinrichs
in 2003 called - of course ;) - revolution of democracy.
it would supply us with clear demands on fundamental changes
of our democracy from a scientific point of view, regarding
solidarity, subsidiarity as well as social- and ecological

now, if there is an agreement that the tool, democracy itself
needs to be changed first, i would like to suggest the creation
of a new movement, connecting all the partial movements, their
targets and power in order to reach critical mass and influence
to force the necessary change peacefully.

what is your feeling about "Spring of Resistance" representing
this issue by:
- being a global holistic movements name
- being the place (with a new online platform) to:
-- discuss solutions and test them
-- connect and organize
-- be secure in our activism
-- using the best practice social networking principles
- with the target of enforcing national convents in a new democratic manor all over the world, starting on a symbolic date like 1.1.2012, which includes a well designed escalating strategy until then.

i'd love to discuss the democratic theory by johannes heinrichs
as well as all kinds of aspects about realizing such a movement with you!


of course this shouldn't cancel any of our planned actions for march till may, but rather enhance it.

if you basically agree i suggest three major activities:
1. training in scientific background and agitation
2. creating our platform as described above
3. connecting (activists) like crazy (and we can get all of them, because their problems are ours)

examples for the three activities:
e.g.: background: a (long) short description of the 4 parliament - social organism - theory of johannes heinrichs: https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1WTFaYBBvci3pRXic2EMHxPmFcSxvtLp...
e.g.: both: we should create a document with a simple petition pleading for our case. a first draft could look like this: http://tiny.cc/rw1xz
e.g.: agitation: the masses we need to reach don't even have to perform the change, they can even continue with their ignorance on a certain scale to protect their worldview, they just have to show support for the change, and thousands of caring people will do the work for them - if they let them do it.
e.g.: agitation: maintaining a "database" of simple and effective arguments for agitation, best practice alternatives to all kinds of social performances (permaculture,crowd funding,commons,wiki,...)

e.g.: // i'll add a link to some functional and design suggestions

e.g.: connecting NGOs large and small (Greenpeace, Amnesty, Attac, and thousands of others), transition movements, education movements and all other kinds of movements as well as "important" persons in politics, science and for the pure mass reaching effect even popular culture.
e.g.: using our platform and all the others of course, and it can be found everywhere via #spring_of_resistance

btw. a suggestion for a logo (more a suggestion for a Spring of Resistance symbol, not the color picking so much ;): https://docs.google.com/leaf?id=0B4vKxdztPE3LMTVlZTQ0YzQtODI3OS00MjFmLWE...
alternative link (with description of intention): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31261004&l=7468496bbe&id=1345566935

looking forward to read your suggestions and comments!


if not now, when? if not us, who?