Overview of planned actions during the Global Week of Action 2009

Most of you are probably curious what other groups will be doing during the "Reclaim your Education - Global Week of Action" (20/04 - 29/04).

So this thread was created to help give an overview of the planned actions so far.

Also let me refer you to this thread, where you can arrange "live greetings of solidarity" and other communication efforts during the Global Week of Action with groups elesewhere on this planet.



  • UNEL (Union Nationale des Etudiant-e-s du Luxembourg) plans to organize a conference about education in a highschool with politicians and other experts to analyze the actual educational situation as well as the perspectives.
    (Details will follow soon.)


  • Berlin: General assemblies at the "Freie Universität" (23/04) as well as at the "Technische Universität" (29/04)
  • Marburg: "global flashmob" with pupils and students (22/04); "open forum" during the evening after the flashmob (22/04); info-booths for four days on campus (21 + 22/04) and city centre (17 + 18/04); public lecture with profs + "soup kitchen" (21 + 23/04)
  • Frankfurt/M: "global flashmob"; teach-in; "big read"; video display of protests worldwide (all on 24/04)
  • Heidelberg: a demonstration (20/04), general assembly, "global flashmob" and smaller actions!
  • Hamburg: Demonstration (24/04)
  • Leipzig: Actions following the judgement by the Federal Administrative Court regarding the introduction of tuition fees (29/04). The lawsuit is based on the "International Convenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Right" (UN). Among the actions is also an event the "Exploitation of Staff at Universities" arranged by the "Free Workers Union" (FAU).
  • Halle: Event arranged by "Free Workers Union" (FAU): the "Exploitation of Staff at Universities" (28/04) also in Halle.
  • Münster: "Teach-in" informing the public at crowded places about the Global Week of Action (20/04); public camping & film presentation of protests worldwide (21/04); "global flashmob", various actions during the academic senate assembly and public camping with programme (22/04); last day of camping with programme (23/04); street theatre at the city centre (24/04)
  • Oldenburg: "global flashmob" (more details here)



  • Public lecture in Jocotenango (Los Patojos Programa) about the importance of free and emancipatory education. The first ever of such kind within the community. (date to be announced)


  • "Reclaim your Education; Denmark" are arranging buses going all the way through Denmark, Northern Germany Netherlands to Louvain (Belgium). Actions across Denmark are being currently arranged. (details coming up)
  • In Copenhagen: "global flashmob" (22/04); occupation of the university's administration buildung

U.S. of A.:

  • Students at the City College of New York will walk out of class at 2 pm on Wednesday, April 22nd, in protest against budget cuts and tuition increases and in commemoration of the 1969 student strike. The 1969 strike lead to the open admissions policy, which changed CUNY from an elite public university to a university that served the entire population of the City of New York. Within five years, CUNY was awarding more degrees to people of color than any other university system in the US.
  • The Committee on Revolutionizing the AcaDemy (ComRAD) is organizing a Conference: "Reworking the University: Visions, Strategies, Demands" at the University of Minnesota (24 - 26/04). The programme can be accessed here. As part of the week of action and the conference they also call for a collective manifesto. Everyone is invited to contribute.
  • Speakers Panel at the University of California, Berkeley (27/04)
  • Speakers Panel in Houston (Texas), incl. music and poetry (25/04)
  • Sit-in at the University of Vermont (UVM) student center (if the administration still refuses to negotiate by April 20th) in protest of budget cuts, layoffs and administrative mismanagement beginning on April 22nd until the university reverses its cuts and reinstates laied off faculty and staff.


  • Free education week of action at the University of Toronto. (more details expected soon!)
  • Rally against supplementary fee increases at the University of Ottawa (24/04).


  • Activists in Tokyo will hold a rally during Global Week of Action.
    Global Week of Action 2009!!
    (Too expensive school fees ... is it possible to call "student loans" as "scholarship"? Global Week of Action 2009!! Reclaim your education)
    Place: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
    Date: 25th April, 17:00


  • a group at Wroclaw University will organize "info-tents" on campus, as well as meetings and petitions to school authorities.


  • Actions on the streets of Surabaya by university students. Now is campaign time for upcoming elections. They will demand for the next goverment to stop the privatisation of the education system, reject a new education law and protest for debt cancellation and free access to education.


  • Various groups in Zagreb will occupy the university building of one faculty, consisting of about 5,000 students. They will offer an alternative programme, inform about the Global Week of Action and its development and promote the global perspective of our struggle against the commercialization of education. (20 - 26/04 or longer)
    (Maybe it would be nice, if activists from around the world could give them a call or send them letters of support, which they could then display during their occupation!!)
  • Various student groups in  Zadar will hold a public forum on tuesday (21/04) on campus together with professors, provosts and rector discussing further plans during the Global Week of Action. Groups such as the Student Council of the University of Zadar, the Sociology Club, Geography Club, the independent students' website "Sajt" and others are promoting the global perspective of our struggle against the commercialization of education. The developments can be followed on: sajt.net.hr Photos and videos will be posted inside this forum after the week.


  • Activists at the University of Lyon will organize a game involving parents and children at some central place (22/04). It will help to deliver knowledge about education around the world.


  • During the week groups are calling for several demonstrations and rallies in the area of the Jyväskylä University campus. Furthermore there will be performances and speeches and students and staff on campus will be informed about the protests and the educational policies around the world.
  • A call for a week of action in Finland, which will be part of the "Reclaim your Education - Global Week of Action":
    Come to imagine the University of your Dreams
    Week of action from 20 to 24 April

    We invite all students and staff of the university to The University
    of Dreams Action Week, which is held from Monday 20 April to Friday 24
    April. During the week, university people exchange ideas, what a
    perfect university would be like. The week offers dozens of different
    activities, from sports and yoga to discussion events and workshops on
    how to repair a bicycle, for example.

    The aim is to construct a new kind of forum for an open discussion and
    a free exchange of ideas, uniting all students and teachers.

    "Media coverage of the university reform has concentrated to the
    defects of the reform. In the University of Dreams Action Week we want
    to underline that the question is not about opposing everything, but
    about the will of the universitarians to participate in the discussion
    on to which direction the universities should be developed", says
    Juhana Venäläinen, one of the organisers of the action week.

    In the morning, we have the possibility to prepare ourselves for the
    challenges of the intellectual work by jogging, yoga or bird spotting
    excursions, for example. In "sweatshops" we can learn useful skills on
    how to repair a bicycle or how to knit a woollen sock. In "knowledge
    workshops" everyone can be the teacher and the pupil, using our common
    experiences and knowledge to form new ideas about the university.

    The panel discussions deal with the hot topics of the university
    system. On Tuesday, we discuss about interlaces between the university
    and the cultural life, on Wednesday about the basic income and on
    Thursday about the coming University of Eastern Finland (with Rector
    Perttu Vartiainen). Evening program is also abundant and serve to
    nourish the dreams in a more relaxed atmosphere at clubs and parties.
    Cultural events, as for example music and dance, have been mixed with
    other events to avoid too serious atmosphere. Most of the activities
    take place on the university campus.

    The program of the action week is visible on the website

    The University of Dreams Action Week has been organised by the
    University Action Network, formed in spring 2009 by university
    students and staff. In the same time, the "Reclaim Your Education - Global Week of Action" takes place around the world. In Finland, university action weeks are held also in Helsinki and Tampere, among others. More details regarding the week of action in Tampere can be accessed here.

    Further information:
    University Action Joensuu
    Heidi Meriläinen
    Tel. +358 44 322 4564


  • Student and youth groups in Monrovia together with NGOs are preparing for a public forum with workshops discussing education issues.


  • Kids & Teens Resource Centre (K&TRC) is organizing a media programm, as well as arrange two rallies in two different states, which will both end at the Governor's office.


  • National Day of Action on April 20th for better conditions within educational institutions and more public spending on education and against the commercialization of education. Various protests (incl. demonstrations) will take place in Vienna, Salzburg, Tirol, Oberösterreich, Kärnten, Steiermark, Burgenland, Niederösterreich and Voralberg. (for more info [in German] click here)


  • Groups in Moscow will hold an open discussion "What education do we want?
    Reforms and alternatives" (26/04). The discussion targets the recent
    local educational reforms syncronised with the European ones. Among
    the subjects are Bologna reform in Russian universities, school final
    exams and university enterance exams, precarisation of professors' and
    teacers' labor and of ex-students' professional trajectory,
    alternative forms of education and of self-organised institutions.
    Participants are scholars, students, school teachers, pupil,
    university administrators, politically engaged artists, political and
    civil activists. During the debate pictures and videos of protest
    movements in Europe targeting the commercialization of education will
    be displayed.


  • National Strike of Universities across Spain (28/04), with debates and activities at various educational institutions. Groups will try to drag the strike and make it open-end, at least at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.



Please leave a message below or drop me a line (united.for.education[at]gmail.com), if you want me to add your planned actions for the Global Week of Action to the list.

France - Lyon: action the 22 april

The Action commity of university Lyon 2 organise a afternoon game for children and parents in Lyon. in the central place we will creat a game with information about education school around the world .

sorry for my poor english

OTTAWA : BBQ / Rally

Although it's exams time, we will be doing a BBQ and Rally, on Friday April 24th, for the elimination of administrative fees (late fees, registration fees).
Students currently have to pay an extra 35$ if they can not afford to pay both semesters' tuition fees in one lump sum. The University of Ottawa is punishing the poor for being poor!!
We want education to be accessible to all!
This is our last chance of the year to get students informed of these supplementary fees before they go home for the summer.

Concept of Launching a Free-University of Copenhagen!

The danish wing of Reclaim Your Education are hereby announcing our planned events for the week to come.

From the 22nd to the 24th we have planned to announce our concept of launching a free, emancipating university from the heart of the University of Copenhagen: The Central-Administration!

On the 22nd of april we have called for a demonstration in front of the Central Administration of Copenhagen University. From here we will kick-start the Global Week of Action, by using the Global Flashmob as a means to entering the Administration Buildings. The business-men wearing suits will flee to the center of the administration, since this is a symbol of the centre from where the neo-liberal control-mechanisms are being implemented throughout the whole University. The students will hunt the business-men, and since we will the eventually find ourselves in "the lions cave", we will use this as an opportunity to begin revoking the neo-liberal development in the educational sector by expressing our direct opposition towards it! Subsequently we will proclaim the opening of a Free-University, marked by progressive and far-reaching reforms!! What is more we will use our occupation or rather "Liberation" of the University to establish a forum for debates and discussion concerning the neoliberalization of the Educational-sector as well as of the Public Sector in general!

I will here sum up a few of our "coming to be" reforms of the University.
- Participation in the decision-making for both the staff and students at the university!
- Fair and stable Conditions of employment for the all of employees
- Fundamentally We demand that higher education serve the need of society as a whole, not just short-sighted business demands!

Furthermore we will use the days to plan the Demonstrations in Belgium by painting banners, slogans and general arrangements and final touch on the matters of transportation!

Hope to see you all down there! Lets unite - Worldwide

Rasmus, Internatinal-group, Reclaim Your Education, Denmark!

SIT-IN at the University of Vermont

We will be launching a sit-at the UVM student center in protest of budget cuts, layoffs and administrative mismanagement starting on April 22nd until the university reverses its cuts and reinstates laid off faculty and staff.

We held a walk-out last week and over 1000 students left their classes to rally in opposition to the cuts. A list of 13 demands was been given to the administration and if they still refuse negotiation on 20/4 then the sit-in will begin.

We have a facebook group at: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=85004301046&ref=ts

UVM is proud to be joining the struggle for higher education and wishes you all success in your actions during the week.