Questions for current students

We all know how difficult it is to be a student nowadays, I being one of them. These are a few questions I want to ask for CURRENT STUDENTS ONLY. It’s research for a documentary project at my school. Your name is optional but would help.

Yes or No Section:

1.     Do you still live with your parents?

2.     Are you working? If yes, how many hours per week?

3.     Do you think it will be difficult to pay student fees later on?

Optional Questions:

Have students in your country been pressuring for easier access to higher education? If yes, how?

(If you work) Has it affected you studies or caused you to fail any classes?

Do you feel high fees will make it more difficult to focus on your career?

What does education mean to you?


Name: (Optional)


Hello Karina,
if you really want replies to your questions I suggest you explain what the survey is for (what school? where?) and how the information will be used (what is the project about?).Furthermore it might be good to leave your email address, so that people can easily contact you.
cheers,mo in marburg.