Share the link of your group/local struggle!

Hello all,

during our last international chat we agreed to network stronger.

So one step towards greater networking is to share each others links of our local groups and local struggles.

Please leave them inside the forum and all groups are asked to link the other groups around the world on their websites.

On a second note all activists are urged to join the mailing list and use it to report about their local struggles. The flow of information really needs to improve.

That's it for now.

In Solidarity with all people struggling for free and emancipatory education - worldwide!

Group of Action in Lyon and Example of 'free University'

Action Committee 2009 (Comité d'action 2009)[French]

A similar projet to the 'free university' in Barcelona : Lyon Zero (Lyon Zéro) [French] :

Info on student movements in Croatia

Latest info on the struggle of the "Independent student initiative for the right to higher education free of charge for all"

can be found @

international site branch Zagreb

sites in Croatian (mostly)

branch Osijek

branch Pula

branch Rijeka

branch Split

branch Zadar

branch Zagreb


there are links to 9 more faculties in Zagreb that were blocked

Info on student movements in Serbia

portal (Belgrade, Novi Sad)

Info on student movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Tuzla student movement

Info on Italian's Student Movement

Paris 8 university, the "Mai68" child

Videos, tracts, Ronde des obstinés, Nuit de l'université, infos...

Basle, Switzerland

There is also a movement developping in switzerland:

League of Filipino Students

The 33rd anniversary of our org is coming up! Please check out our site :)

We're having problems with the site recently though so it's not that updated.

Puerto Rico - University of Puerto Rico Student Movement

At the University of Puerto Rico there are several groups involved in the student movement on each of the 11 campuses. Some of these have blogs, Facebook pages/groups and other ways of communicating on the web.
I study at the Rio Piedras Campus, so links and websites from that campus is what I'll share. Please note that ALL of these are in SPANISH. "Students of the UPR Inform" is an informative "fan page" on Facebook with almost 25,000 people following it. It divulges accurate information and updates the community about the happenings at the UPR university system.
Internet Radio Station "Radio Huelga"
The campus has different action committees by faculty and this is the one I'm mostly involved in since I study at said Faculty. This is the group for the "Education Action Committee".
"UPR is a country" is a colaborative space that aims to unite all the student alternative media related to the student movement at the UPR. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since July 2010.
~ W.

an anti-authoritarian from the Rust Belt (U.S.A.)