This is what democracy looks like! (Barcelona) & general strike in France [19/03]

Protests and police brutality in Barcelona
[18/03 - ?]

The occupied building of Universidad de Barcelona was violently evicted by riot police on Wednesday [18/03]. The activists occupied the building for 118 days and established a "Comision Internacional" inside organizing protests and trying to reach out to other groups and movements struggling against the "Bologna process" in Europe.

Here is a video showing some scenes of the eviction.

As a response to the police violence and the eviction protests errupted later that day. The protests are still contuing.

Please check out these videos to get an impression of the current situation in Barcelona:

I received this report from activists in Barcelona yesterday:

This morning the Mossos D'Esquadra (catalonian police) have entered the historical building in the University of Barcelona, the rectorate, to evict it violently. they have charged brutally against people that were peacefully concentrating in front of the building.
This morning, between 5:30 and 5:45 12 police vans have arrived, they have evicted the occupied rectorate by force and making use of violence.
Outside the building people have made a peaceful concentration, students, professors, workers in the university, media and citizens.
Police have charged brutally against all these people, turning the centre of Barcelona into a police state. It seems that there have been 17 people arrested and more than 100 people injured.
The assembly of the occupied rectorate has always had the will of dialogue and debate. The rectorate and political institutions have proved that this will is answered with repression and the most brutal physical violence. We are astonished, indignant and hurt. They hace entered by force in a space that was a place for resistance and critical thinking. the rector and politicians are the repressors that have applied to franquist politics.
Ramirez, Moreso, Palmada, Huguet, Saura: they are all to blame.
The rectors have decided to start repression.

Please help to spread the word about the current situation in Barcelona!

We can only successfully resist the "Bologna process" and the commercialization/privatization of education in general, if we unite internationally/globally!!

Let's unite for the "Reclaim your Education - Global Week of Action" and beyond!

General strike in France [19/03]

Apparently up to 3,000,000 demonstrators (not confirmed) took to the streets in France today.
For a whole list of protests and demonstrations during the strike click here [unfortunately only in French].
Any more details are most welcome.

Source: TV5.Org


I was there, I'm 27 years

I was there, I'm 27 years old and I've never seen it in all my life.

Usually, Police is agressive, all we know it, but in this case police was terrible, with no sense, doing their fuckin' work with precission.

yesterday I was talking about it, and somebody said to me that they obey an order.

I want to see the test that they passed to be police men, ( I really think they are borderliners) because it could be the explanation of the situation.

They obey,
why we have to accept it from simple people with no brain who only obeys? politicians make orders, we don't like this , neither
we want to fight for a public education, we are not criminals.

say no to Bolonia, no more enterprises in our education, please
leave us alone, we don't need more publicity and we don't want to pertain to this idea of Europe ( banks and universities, no thanks)