Coordination for "Global Weeks of Action for Education" (07 - 20th November 2011)

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"Global Weeks of Action for Education"
07 - 20th November 2011

   #OccupyEdu  #united4edu

Here you will find:

general framework of the Global Weeks of Action for Education
activities around the world announced so far

After a few Global Chat Meetings and a call for feedback people involved in the struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education at various locations around the world agreed to call for the Global Weeks of Action for Education (GWA) during November 7 - 20th. While November 17th (International Students Day) will mark a peak with globally synchronised actions.

the latest news on the coordination efforts (esp. for Nov. 17th)

  • ideas so far:

    a "Social Media Newsroom" could providing updates in connection with the activities around the world in real-time (incl. common twitter hashtags (#united4edu / #occupyEdu), page to collect videos and pictures and overview of "live-streams") - option:
    => details to be discussed on the ISM techies mailing list (all who want to help are invited to subscribe)
    "live casts" via skype or phone during activities such as rallies
    everybody should record videos of their activities, so they can all be put together in a presentation afterwards!
    groups could record short videos ahead of Nov.17th presenting their local situation and including greetings to activists worldwide - which could then be shown during rallies and other activities on Nov.17th itself

  • To continue coordinations for November together, the next global chat meeting will take place on November 15th (tuesday!) - in the meantime all are asked to discuss Nov.17th on the local/regional level and brainstorm ideas on how to better link the actions worldwide

to-do-lists in the run-up to Nov. 17th

  • things to do for the global level:
    create mobilisation video(s)
    translate the International Joint Statement and Latest News on the Coordinations for November 2011 into as many languages as possible
    prepare the "social media newsroom" (
    brainstorm ideas on how to convey a feeling of global unity on November 17th
    everyone help to inform more groups and activists around the world about these coordinations (e.g. via twitter, social networks, homepages, mailing lists, latest Reclaim Education newsletter - DOWNLOAD,.pdf, 2.3mb, podcast on the ISM and GWA)
  • suggestions for the local/regional level:
    arrange meetings with fellow activists to inform about the GWA, discuss it and broaden the initiative
    communicate updates on local developments and plans in the build up for Nov.17th to the global level (e.g. through the ISM (global) mailing list)
    record a video message going out to activists on the local and global level informing about the GWA
    inform fellow activists on the local/regional level about the next global chat meeting in advance

    -> contact or send an e-mail to the ISM (global) mailing list, if you want to support the GWA by doing any of the points above or sharing further suggestions

The "Global Wave of Action for Education" (Oct./Nov. 2010) already showed what great potential there is if we connect further in our struggle for free emancipatory education for all, especially towards the end of the year!

Subscribe to the ISM (global) mailing list to stay in touch with the latest coordination efforts and feel free to send an e-mail to, leave a comment below or simply participate in the next Global Chat Meeting to clarify questions and get involved.

It looks like you are getting

It looks like you are getting things together fairly efficiently. This is going to be an interesting event and I hope that you will keep us updated on how it will come even more together before the event.

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Framework of the "Global Weeks of Action for Education"

3 Elements of the
"Global Weeks of Action for Education"

The common framework for the GWA consists of the follwing 3 elements:

  • common slogans:
    "education is not for $A£€; one world - one struggle"
    "free education for emancipation; one world - one struggle"
    "for the social revolution; one world - one struggle"
    "education is not a commodity; one world - one struggle"
    "abolish student debt; one world - one struggle"
  • common symbols:


-> the slogans and symbols will help to visually communicate locally and globally that your action also takes place in the context of the GWA

Activities linked to the "Global Weeks of Action for Education"

Activities linked to the
"Global Weeks of Action for Education"

around the world

Make sure to send an email to the ISM (global) mailing list ( to announce your activities in the context of the "Global Weeks of Action for Education" (GWA) or drop a line at and it will be added to this page.

So far the following activites have been announced:

November 7th

November 8th

  • Rally and March against Board of Regents at Georgia University (U.S. of A.) organised by the Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE) in alliance with the Georgia Undocumented Youth Alliance (GUYA) and Students and Workers in Solidarity:

November 9th

November 10th

November 13th

November 14th

November 16th

  • "The 99% say NO Fee Hikes, NO Cuts, NO Privatizsaton!" - Mobilisation to prevent the Regents meeting at the University of California in San Francisco (U.S. of A.) from taking place, where hikes in tuition fees will be considered. The meeting is scheduled for Nov. 16-17th, so protests are being prepared for both days as well:

November 17th

  • Activists at the University of Gent (Belgium) mobilise to occupy the rectorat to discuss the ongoing protests around the world, resist the increasing commercialisation of education and connect to the struggle on the global level:

November 19th

Feedback regarding further activities is still expected from groups in Chile, Egypt, Greece, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Africa, Turkey and other parts of the world.