"Day of United Symbolic Actions" - June 16th

The 2nd international chat meeting (April 4th) to co-ordinate and discuss the "Global Wave of Action for Education" was attended by about 15 activists in Austria, Croatia, Germany, the Kosovo, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Catalunya/Spain and Switzerland.

The idea is to unite during this one day through symbolic actions where education activist groups publicly announce the "Global Wave of Action for Education" coming up in autumn 2010! Part of it all will be a worldwide press-release, where all actions on that day can be mentioned and the contacts of all groups involved listed, so that the media and other education activists can contact each other.

After some discussion the participants agreed to declare June 16th to be the "Day of United Symbolic Actions" mainly due to the following reasons:

  • this date would give groups a great opportunity to put their networking efforts during the "European Education Congress" [Bochum; May 25-30th] to the test for the first time, the congress can be used to discuss this day and would still give groups close to three weeks time to prepare for June 16th;
  • rather massive education protests are expected to take place during a national day of action across Germany on June 9th; the public and the media will be more open to an international "day of united symbolic actions", so having it one week later the momentum created on June 9th can be used;
  • groups in Sierra Leone ["African Child Day"] and Bern (Switzerland) are already preparing something on June 16th and agreed to declare their actions to be part of the "day of united symbolic actions" ;)
    --> all groups who are not able to arrange any actions e.g. due to exam periodes, could also get involved in a skype video conference together, which can then also be reported in the press-release.

All groups are asked to discuss locally what kind of actions they can imagine to arrange for June 16th!!

Ideas for actions on June 16th expressed during the chat:

  • ask pupil / student / teacher unions to send out press releases
  • in Bern activists are planning to mobilize in schools, vocational schools and universities to bring everyone together and present the idea behind the "global wave of action" with infoshops and a small party; other cities across Switzerland might follow
    --> maybe this inspires groups elsewhere to do something similar
  • an activists suggests groups worldwide to participate in the "Rapid Transition - Global Simulation Workshops"

To dos [so far]:

  • Symbols need to be designed: call for design suggestions here.

It is important to co-ordinate this together and make this a united effort. Therefore all are asked to join the next chat meetings, make use of the forum or send details on planned actions as part of June 16th to: united.for.education@gmail.com - which can then be published inside the forum as well.

Additional link(s):

Global Wave

I don't think I am understand exactly what "Global Wave of Action for Eduction" is to do? What exactly are we lobbying for? I clicked on a few links but could only find a call to join forces. I would love to read more into this.

Re: Global Wave

Hello Keshawn,

the idea is to unite in our struggle against the increasing privatisation of public education and for free and emancipatory education worldwide. Many local problems are caused by economic forces that are located on the global level. Therefore, I believe, we can only be successful in the long-run, if we also unite on a global level in our struggle.

At this stage for many the primary aim is to show to the public and fellow activists, that this is indeed a global struggle and that people around the world are fighting against these developments. Only then the root causes will become clearer, which are often [but not exclusively] closely linked to the capitalist system.

There is no call for the "global wave" yet. But as you saw, one central element of the "global wave" will be a united symbol, which stands for a particular statement. The idea is to write a suggestion for a statement during the "European Education Congress" together with education activists from across Europe and beyond.
To involve as many groups worldwide as possible a "discussion paper" was created in a united effort by activists in Austria, Germany and Spain. It is currently available in 11 languages.

Education activists worldwide are asked to participate in this process, discuss this on a local level and then give feedback.

United statements in the past include: the worldwide press release on Nov.5th 2009 or the call for the "Education is NOT for $A£€ - Global Week of Action".

I hope things are a bit clearer now. :)