Contribute to the visualisation of the global struggle for free education!

Contribute to the Visualisation of the
Global Struggle for Free Education

The GLOBAL WAVE of ACTION for FREE EDUCATION [Nov.17 - 23 2013] is approaching fast.
During various global chat meetings participants came up with the idea to somehow visualise the global struggle for free education. In the end it was decided to reach out to all of you around the world and create a photo collection with your help.

It only takes 2 minutes and this is how it goes:

Step 1: Materials
Take the back of an old poster or some other bigger piece of paper and something to write with.
And also have a camera ready.

Step 2: Your message
Write a message going out to education activists around the world and incl. #1world1struggle and your location (e.g. city) somewhere on the piece of paper.

Step 3: Photo
Take a picture of the piece together with yourself or with some interesting background.

Step 4: Share it by November 23rd
Tweet the picture with #1world1struggle / share it on the wall of the global ISM fb page / send it to the global ISM mailing list:
Btw, in case you want to subscribe to the list yourself, you can do so here:

In whatever way you choose to share your picture(s), it/they will also be published on the ISM website: