Appeal for solidarity and help by students from Slovenia

Sent to the global ISM mailing list on November 16th 2013:

Dear international comrades,

I'm writing in the name of the student movement Iskra from Slovenia. The students here have found ourselves in a bad situation and we are asking for international solidarity and support.

What is happening? Our government are introducing tuition fees and commercialising public universities. In Slovenia, all education, up to the university level, has been free of charge since the end of WW II. Along with other social services it has contributed to the formation of one of the most egalitarian societies on the globe. The things are changing, of course, and similarly as (probably) in your own country, we've been constantly loosing our social rights for 20 years or so. Now they aim at education. Our student movement has started a campaign against the new Law on higher education and we've even been successful to some extend in creating a pressure on the government. The minister of education took us seriously enough to invite our representatives to a meeting yesterday. But unfortunately it was one thing that he promised behind the closed and something else that he later said for the media. So it was just propaganda for them to meet us.

How would we like you to help us? We want to enhance the pressure on the government and educate the general public on what commercialisation of education really means. Therefore we would be really grateful if you could record a 10-15 min video on the situation in your country. If your university level education is free, which is rare I believe, you could talk on how it benefits to the society, equal rights, welfare, economy... If your higher education is commercialised or even privatised, please explain everything on how commercialisation happened and what the consequences are: how it affects the students, the teaching level, the social picture of the country, what the lobbies in the background are,...

We would like to make a youtube collection of such contributions or even make a longer online video on commercialisation and privatisation of universities. I believe this will be a very helpful contribution to all the students movement around the world.

Please notify me if you are planning to record such a video (

, so that we know how many to expect. We would need the videos as soon as possible (ideally, by the end of the next week). The 29th of november is the last day of the public debate on the law and the Parliament are going to pass it (or hopefully not) afterwards. It would be best if you talked in English, if this is possible. Otherwise you can send us a written record of your video and we'll arrange for subtitles.

Thanks a lot to everyone. One world, one struggle!

Iskra, Slovenia