Feb.11-13: Meeting in Paris (France)

February 11 - 13th 2011
International Meeting in Paris?

The collective "Edu-factory" is inviting to a European Meeting of University Movements in Paris between 11-13 February 2011. Details on that in various languages: En | Fr | Es | De | It

Since everybody can initiate workshops or rounds of discussions, why not get together and discuss ideas for an ISM Europe and/or ideas to improve the communication infrastructure.
Who is interested to meet in Paris (Feb.11-13) to discuss issues related to the discussions on the International Student Movement platform? -> e.g. "Spring of Resistance", How to improve the ISM infrastructure? Creating ISM Europe? etc. A video conference with a national meeting in London at the same time could also be arranged.

Doodle (please give feedback asap!):

Who would participate in an "ISM space" in Paris (Feb.11-13)?

Post a comment below (after signing up) or send a mail to united.for.education@gmail.com to suggest topics that we could focus on at the "ISM space".


LAST MINUTE INFO + a leaflet with the basic info:

Dear all,

Two last points before the conference:

1) The official appointment for everyone is at the EHESS at 14h. Although we will be there a bit earlier to prepare the info point.

How to get to the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales ?
105, boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris
By metro
Line 12, stop “Notre-dame-des-champs” Line 4, stop “Saint Placide”
By Bus Line 58, 68, 82 stop “Notre-dame-des-champs”

At the info point you will find all of the logistic information necessary for your stay in Paris.

2) Translation: since, for better or worse, the most common language among participants is English, we encourage participants to publicly present in English. Unfortunately, we do not have the technical resources for simultaneous translation nor do we have much time for consecutive translation. Thus, we also encourage groups with linguistic affinity to sit near each other and practice "churchotage" translation if needed.

Some more details on the meeting sent to the ISM mailing list (Dec.21st):

Dear fellow students et. al.,

A short update and contribution for the organization of the European meeting planned for 11-13 February in Paris:

Although it might be somewhat superfluous to underline the political importance of creating effective networks of student struggles in Europe, I'd simply like raise a few points.

First, based on Edu-Factory's experience, the possibility of gathering different student movements together for discussion, debate and organization has always proved to be a positive, constructive and stimulating way of building new relationships and connections between diverse realities. Beyond the warmth and quality in direct human interaction (never to be underestimated), the extensive common character of different movements nearly always emerges in new and sometimes unexpected forms. Small, seemingly anecdotal elements of our singular movements that are shared in these occasions can find echos in other experiences even if we didn't know that similar conditions exist elsewhere. Likewise, differences between national and cultural contexts (for example of how the Bologna Process is being applied differently in different countries) can shed light on each individual context in new ways and help provide strategies for interpreting these differences constructively and overcoming the limits and problems that we face – we learn to read our reality and other realities in new ways, we learn new languages and new translation skills.

While creating video conferencing systems to connect to other meetings could be an interesting and productive way to expand the meeting, it is technically more complicated and, for such a large meeting, difficult to organize. If there are people who would like to research and organize this option, it would be welcomed. Although we all realize that traveling is somewhat 

Common projects, common strategies and common campaigns and common tools can come from these meetings. In our experience, they always usually do. For these reasons, and others, we think that it is important to try to meet together in Paris for the weekend of the 11-13 February. We have already had confirmation from numerous groups in France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Poland, England.

Logistically speaking, given the short amount of time to organize this meeting and the winter break, things are still not definitively programmed. We do have large meeting spaces at our disposition at the University of Paris 8 for both Friday 11th and Saturday 12th, although we are also waiting for the confirmation of a different, more central space at the EHSS for both of these days. These discussions will probably center around university struggles, issues in knowledge production, the possibility of autonomous education and the building of transnational struggle networks across Europe and the globe. The idea is to have a discussion Friday afternoon from 17h. to 21h. and then again Saturday morning. In our experience, open collective discussions are usually the best way to give everyone the possibility to contribute although we could also form multiple smaller groups if there is the desire to do so.

If there are any groups or individuals that would like to organize a workshop or discussion, we can discuss here in the list or you can send your proposals to info@edu-factory.org with PARIS MEETING written clearly in the subject line.

Instead, on Saturday afternoon, we are trying to organize a discussion between students and precarious workers' organizations (including the important "intermittents") for Saturday afternoon about the generalization of European struggle against austerity and the crisis. This could be an important occasion for the student movement to create new ties outside of a strictly university context. Paris is also rich territory to host this discussion based on the enormous, common mobilization that started this last fall as you all have seen.

If we can confirm a meeting space for Sunday morning, we will then have a general assembly open to all social movement organizations, especially student ones, to discuss the weekend and, hopefully, to plan one or more common activities for the coming spring – a day of European mobilization is obviously the first thing that comes to mind, although there are many other possibilities.

For food and lodging, we are relying on activist networks to host anyone who wishes to come to Paris for the weekend. We already have many students and activists that are willing to host. Unfortunately, Paris doesn't offer large spaces in which to house big groups, but an efficient transportation network assures that everyone will be within 30 min of the meeting spaces. If you are planning on coming, I would also recommend Couch Surfing as they have a very large, active and hospitable community here in Paris. Both university structures also have very accommodating cafeteria structures where it is possible to have a large meal for only 3€.

If you are in Paris or have friends or contacts in Paris that can give a hand in the local organization, please feel free to put them into contact with Edu-Factory by sending an email to info@edu-factory.org with PARIS MEETING clearly written in the subject line.

At this point, it is important that those who are already planning in coming to the meeting to send an email to (guess what?!?) info@edu-factory.org with PARIS MEETING clearly written in the subject line. The number of people and the specific needs of the group should be included in the email and we will find you a collocation in Paris.
Details on the Logistics sent to the ISM mailing list on Feb.3rd:

Dear all,

I am finally sending you all some practical, logistic information for the Meeting here in Paris. I apologize if this comes a bit late but, as you all well know, collective political organization takes time and patience.

Regarding the conferences, everything is organized and confirmed. Friday afternoon we will be at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (better known as the "EHESS"), while Saturday and Sunday we will be at the Université Paris 8 in Saint-Denis. We will have ample use of the facilities (including large amphitheaters for the main assemblies as well as classrooms equipped with projectors and black/white boards for the workshops).

Directions for arriving are available on the Edu-Factory site and in the flyers that are on the same site (http://www.edu-factory.org).

The only additional information that I would like to add is that on Friday the situation will probably be a bit chaotic since it is the first day. We all need to make a collective effort to work together as to be as efficient as possible to guarantee enough time to dedicate to the important political work at hand. The EHESS was a bit hesitant to give use the spaces so we need to try to respect the basic conditions that were agreed upon to use the space: no smoking inside the building and we need to try and conclude our work by 19.00h.

Finishing on time is also important because Friday evening we will be eating at the Cité Universitaire cafeteria a few métro stops from the EHESS. A full meal will cost only 3.50 € but other options will be available for those who wish. It is important that anyone who wants to eat there needs to arrive before 20.30h. as the cafeteria closes at 21.00h. Obviously, everyone is free to eat where they please.

Food will be available at the Université Paris 8 all day, and we are negotiating "political" prices. In any case, lunch and dinner will not cost more than 3.00€ - 4.00€ per person. A collective kitchen in Saint-Denis will also be bringing some additional supplies (coffee, food, etc.) to help keep us fed and happy.

As for lodging, there are various options available. We have a few collective spaces (including the Intermittents center and the Occupied Houses of Montreuil)  that will house many of the Meeting participants as well as a wide network of friends and collectives that will individually house Meeting participants. We will therefore be spread around Paris in different spaces to sleep. In any case, all delegates should bring a sleeping bag and/or a sleeping pad as some of the spaces do not have beds.

Anyone who needs a place to sleep or who can offer a place to sleep should write an email,  clearly stating the number of people who are coming, to: Anouk <anouk.castejon@gmail.com>.

Anyone who can host guests in Paris should also write to Anouk. We strongly encourage all participants to contact any friends and comrades they may know in Paris at help in this aspect as sleeping spaces in Paris are few and the successful organization of this Meeting depends upon us all.

Transportation in Paris is very good and simple. A single ticket on the métro costs 1.60 € and will take you anywhere you need to go. Both Friday and Saturday night it closes at 2.00h. Plan on about 2 tickets per day.

For anyone already in Paris, there will be a fund raising party on Wednesday 9 February, see the site for details.

This is already a hugely important event, bigger than any of us had ever imagined. There will be groups from all around the world so let's work hard collectively and start making some history!

If there are any particular or specific questions , feel free to write me here (j.mcgimsey@gmail.com) or at info@edu-factory.org.

From all of us in Paris, waiting for you...

Meeting in Paris

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Information available online?

I am very interested in this movement...

However, being located in Sydney, Australia, I am unable to attend these kinds of meetings and often cannot participate in the online conversations.

I appreciate the chat transcripts being available online, but will meetings also be hosted online? In the form of a summary, transcript, podcast, etc?

Good luck with the meeting, hopefully you see a good turnout.


Unfortunately I'm not sure to attend to this meeting, but as S4S_Australia says, an online transcript could be great !

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