After the "Global Wave" - what's next?

Getting Organised for 2011

During the past few international chat meetings two ideas were discussed for 2011. All groups interested in the coordination on the ISM next year are asked to discuss these and give feedback. The next international chat meeting is scheduled for January 7th during which we can discuss the feedback and consider the next steps. All people identifying with the struggle for free education are invited to participate.

Reorganising the International Student Movement:

  • Creating networks on a regional basis so that we then have sub-networks such as ISM (Asia), ISM (Europe), etc.
    To agree on a basis for such networks and increase the level of networking within the region "regional meetings" have been suggested. Of course these would need to be organised by activists within that region itself.
  • So far three such sub-networks have been initiated by setting up groups on facebook so far: ISM (Asia), ISM (North America) and ISM (the Balkans).

"Spring of Resistance":

  • A new timeframe for coordinated protests on the international and global level was discussed during the last chat meetings. The participants agreed, that a longer timeframe is better, since that would give all groups enough flexibilty to decide when to call for an action locally. Some argued that Earth Day (April 22nd) and Workers Day (May 1st) should be included in our timeframe of actions.
  • In the end partcipants agreed to call for a "Spring of Resistance" (SoR) for March-May 2011 and coordinate protests against fees and cuts and for free emancipatory education on an international level during that timeframe. Optionally a Global Week of Action could be embedded during the end of April and the beginning of May encouraging workers to join us in the streets: 'We are your children, fight with us for our future we will fight with you for our present!'.
  • Ideas and suggestions for concepts in connection with the SoR will be discussed during the chat meeting this sunday.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions or send a mail to:

I like the idea

Hello from Skopje, Macedonia.

Both ideas could basically be done simultaneously, this way:

- Multiple movements from countries from one region could make efforts to initiate a Regional Meeting, that would take place in a city which is equally close to all the parties.
Ex: We're organizing such a meeting somewhere in February in Belgrade. All the Balkan countries are invited (Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia...) This sort of meetings will also be useful to establish close relations and "cooperation", so that information would be shared and the movements, having its "allies" will be much stronger.
(If any Balkan activist is reading this, please contact us at )

I strongly suggest that this sort of meetings should be initiated right now, and then scheduled for the beginning of March at the latest, so that every movement would have enough time to prepare for the Spring of Resistance (after it coordinated actions with other regional movements on the very Regional Meeting).
Representatives of all movements, naturally, will then announce their plans to the ISM network, so that everyone worldwide would be able to coordinate.

I also like the idea about the solidarity with workers. Students and workers have much in common, but since workers are usually a lot busier and less familiar with solidarity, I think that all the students should try to reach the workers, make contact, even throw some "propaganda" to initialize the idea. This, of course, can only be done on a local level.

Proposal for Common Day of Action March 26th 2011

Here in the UK, from end of Feb ("week of resistance") to March (huge TUC march 26th March) to April (general strikes being planned, plus Royal Wedding and then Mayday)

About the Spring of Resistance and specifically March 26th it would be great for there to be a common day of action on that day at multi-centres across the world (and/or Europe) basically to start developing a student and education worker led visible "Other" to state-capitalist globalisation (and the pressures it is putting on everyone).

Surely it's time to revitalise the alter globalisation movement by putting the emphasis on localities and the decentralised - but globally connected and mutually supportive - society we believe in ?

If so, in my view not only should we seek common decision making practices (hence the ideal of Peoples / General Assemblies now happily taking root in more than one global location) but also, commonly shared action days in which we are able to become visible to the mainstream by way of our direct actions, at sites of corporate / state importance eg assemblling outside national parliaments / senate houses / local town halls (ideally all of them, and occupying!) across the world and / or Europe.

On the same day / time, basically as an extension to synchronised Uni occupations, and /or occupying big bad multinationals on same day... !!

Can these kind of proposals pls be chatted through here, and in the instant global chat meetings re Spring of Resistance?

Key Spring of Resistance dates already happening here in UK are national demo for free education and against cuts on Jan 30th, big week of resistance Feb 14th - 21st (called by Coalition of Resistance) and then "the big one" 26th March which has been called by the TUC and promises a big Union turn out but with loads of militancy in the form of direct actions / occupations at sensitive sites being planned alongside (eg red and blacks, and some of the key people involved in G20 riots at Bank of England 2009). Finally, there is also last weekend of April (when we have a Royal Wedding LOL) but also other parts of April which is being planned as a general strike by many unions. Unions have called for a joint campaign with students. there is a danger of co-option (meaning the Leninist / trotskyist ones will try and run it) here (as with 26th March) which is why it's so important we internationalise the struggle ON OUR TERMS!

So this a proposal for the 26th March to be an important day in the Spring of Resistance, to be a common day of decentralised direct action state parliament / local town hall or bad corporate targets - possibly to be decided by Peoples / General Assemblies at Universities ideally by students, education workers and others, but also in communities or workplaces. For The Other World, The Other Europe and the development of a visible (international) "people" to challenge the current state and corporate regime of (national) ruling class!!!


One amendment - national demo for free education and against the cuts is on Jan 29th, with national assembly the day after (Jan 30th) and not as stated a demo on the 30th.