Global Week of Action in May 2014?

Please consider the following proposal, help to spread it among education activist groups worldwide and get involved in the discussions and coordination efforts especially by participating in the global chat meeting on January 19th (4pm UTC) - UPDATE: next chat meeting is scheduled for Feb.2nd - 4pm UTC - details to be announced.
The proposal was initiated by a group of students at Osijek University (Croatia) through an email to the global ISM mailing list.


Dear all,
during the last global chat meeting (December 22nd) participants agreed to reach out to education activist groups all over the world to participate in a Global Week of Action (GWoA) for free and emancipatory education in the second week of May 2014 [UPDATE: during the chat meeting on Jan.19th participates agreed on the new timeframe to be May 1st-8th 2014].

As always, the basis for our cooperation on the transnational level should be the International Joint Statement. Nonetheless the call for a potential Global Wave of Action should not restrict possibilities of various problems that local groups want to emphasize in their actions (for example: youth unemployment, social exclusion, precarious life and work conditions...).

Furthermore there is the possibility to join forces with local workers' organizations and to use GWoA as an extension of activities linked to International Workers Day. Last but not the least, forces can be joined also with other groups on the local level fighting for any kind of social inclusion or against different forms of oppression.

Just like during past coordinations groups, networks, platforms on the local level decide on their own strategies and activities linked to the potential Global Week of Action in May 2014

To discuss and coordinate further steps, share your feedback and ideas inside this pad and participate in the global chat meeting on January 19th! In the meantime consider to also discuss this proposal within your groups, networks, and organisations.