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here is some space for everybody to share documents, essays, videos, texts or anything related to the functions and transformation of public education systems.

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  • The Occupation Cookbook (or the Model of the Occupation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb)
  • The Red Spark (.pdf) - a theoretical journal by the South African Students' Council (SASCO)
  • The Insidious Work of the University: From Nationalism to Excellence to Entrepreneurialism - by Don Michtell (.pdf)

    "The business of Universities is chasing money. This has not always been the case. From the founding of the "modern" university in the middle of the 19th century until - perhaps - the early-to-mid 1960s, the business of universities was nation-building. Universities were sites not only for the production of not just national-culture (through the promotion of various humanities disciplines), but also of learning to regulate national populations (in the burgeoning social sciences), and for creating nationally-based sciences. Military science and instruction were, historically, a central part of this nation-building enterprise."
  • "Education Activist Movements Worlwide" - a small collection of reports, articles and responses to a questionnaire! Feat. contributions from Togo, Indonesia, Germany, France, Nepal, Russia and many others.
    Print it out and distribute it! (.pdf)

Resources in German

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Information Resources California & U.S. (English)

A matrix of education-related issues and information sources can be found at: This is in the form of an Excel (.XLS) spreadsheet which can be opened for online viewing or downloaded. While it focuses on California issues some of it applies universally.

A collection of useful education-related quotations in English from mostly U.S. sources is available at:

I would like to suggest: -

I would like to suggest: - Compulsory Miseducation by Paul Goodman (