Administrate the ISM!

Want to get involved in the administration of the ISM?

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Generally it is totally up to each individual how and to what extend s_he wants to contribute.

Currently there are mainly two levels:

General administration, which consists of the following tasks:

  • translate and keep the introduction page in a particular language up-to-date
  • administer the e-mail address for people who send mails in connection with the ISM in a particular language; checking the inbox regularly and replying mails
  • trying to get in touch with activists and groups/movements in regions where the particular language is spoken, informing them about the "International Student Movement" platform
  • in the long run: set up an infrastructure as part of the ISM (facebook page, mailing list, regular chat meetings, once it makes sense) for activists and groups worldwide to communicate in a particular language

The idea is to create a global network of activists involved in the administration of the ISM in various languages. Those considering themself part of this network will meet regularly (maybe once a month) online and update each other on the developments and discuss how the administration of the platform can be improved. The communication could also take place through the online forums. Maybe a seperate forum could be set up for this as part of the whole list of forums.

Co-ordinating the "Global Wave of Action for Education" together, which includes the following tasks:

  • contacting activists and groups worldwide in a specific region; who will feel in charge for what region will be co-ordinated during a chat meeting within the next 2 weeks (once a date for the first chat meeting is agreed on, it will be published here and the mailing list will be informed)
  • be the contact person for a particular language, if people have questions regarding the "global wave"

Don't worry, if all of this sounds too complicated.
Also, if you are willing to just be in charge of some of the points, then that would already help. A phone number can be provided in case anything needs to be clarified urgently. Otherwise e-mails can always be send, if there is anything unclear.

Want to get involved? Contact:

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