Student Collectives - Öğrenci Kolektifleri - in Turkey appeal for Worldwide Solidarity

Student Collectives - Öğrenci Kolektifleri -
in Turkey appeal for Worldwide Solidarity

Remember the state repression during the protests at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara in December 2012?

This appeal for support was sent to the global ISM mailing list on January 18 - the general assembly is scheduled for January 25th:

We are an independent student union in Turkey, the Student Collectives (Öğrenci Kolektifleri in Turkish). We are fighting against commercialization of education and we demand the right of free education, free accommodation, free transportation against neoliberalism. We also fight for democratic rights as the current government, AKP, attacks everyone's democratic rights and gets people arrested who are against this government.

The prime minister, Tayyip Erdoğan wants to commercialise education and some weeks ago, he tried to go to a university, Middle East Technical University. But the students of METU said that this prime minister is against people's fundamental rights, he tries to commercialise education and he is anti-democratic. That's why he souldn't be at universities because universities should be independent from political parties. The police attacked the students out of nowhere with thousands of police officers with gas bombs and beated students. A student got seriously hurt, almost dying, with a gas bomb hitting his head. Other students from all over the country protested against this situation. And all over the country, these students got into custody, the police broke into some of their houses and took them, lots of student almost got arrested because they protested against the Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdoğan. Even students who say that Turkish and Kurdish people are like sisters and brothers and there should be peace among them, are arrested today for months. This is the situation in Turkey; the current government makes people poor and arrests journalists, students and all other people who are against this.

In these times, it is important to fight against politicians who works against society's favor. That's why we fight against the AKP government and defend our rights against neoliberalism. And we are gathering together as the Student Collectives from all over the country. Lots of students from many cities and universities will be together and talk about what can be done. That's why we ask you to send us a video massage. We want to show it in this big general assembly of the Student Collectives. It will show us that there are other students around the world who fight for the same things and it will motivate us. It is very important for us so we are waiting your answer and video message.

The Student Collectives

Please send your messages of support before January 25th!