Academy of arts in Vienna occupied

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In Vienna (Austria) the students have occupied the Academy of Arts. For now it is closed until today. With a banner reading "Education is not for sale" and with some solidarity greetings to other people struggeling for free education they show a direct connection to the International Students Movement. Here is their webside (only german so far):


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Official statement by the occupyers can be accessed in English here.

Occupation @ the University of Vienna [Austria]

More than 1,000 students are occupying the largest lecture hall of the university in protest for FREE and EMANCIPATORY public EDUCATION right now.

They explicitely stated that they see their protest to be part of the global struggle!

Main police forces are slowly leaving the campus.
Protesters plan to keep the occupation at least for one night!

Any groups considering actions in solidarity?

[updated on Oct.22nd - 6pm GMT]

In Solidarity from Marburg [Germany],

(member of the student representative body)

Occupation at the Academy of Arts continues!

And students are entering the occupied lecture hall with sleeping bags now.

The atmosphere is great, live music is played and people are organizing themself.

[updated on Oct.22nd - 10pm GMT]

Demonstration in Vienna NOW

A demonstration is moving towards the "ministry of science".

The lecture halls and the Academy of Arts are still being occupied!

Further occupations are planned in other cities (only within Austria so far)

Today inside the occupied "Audimax":

"Universitiies belong to the students!"

[Oct.23rd - 2pm GMT]

Live Stream- RIGHT NOW!!!

There is a Livestream right now from the plenary in Vienna. Crazy!!
They only speak in German so far :-)

Both locations (Academy of Arts + Uni of Vienna) still occupied!

Atmosphere is great.
Artists are playing music.
Discussions are scheduled to begin in 2 hours.
Plenary meetings are held regularly.
Activists decided to stay inside the lecture hall at least until tuesday!

Rumours of further occupations in Turin (Italy), Graz (Austria) and at the University of California (U.S. of A.) are spreading.

Check out this video to get an idea of what the atmosphere at the squat is like.

Latest picture from inside the main occupied lecture hall (Audimax):

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[24/10/2009 -- 11.10pm GMT]

More universities are being occupied!

------ Breaking News ------

University of Vienna (Austria) is occupied

University of Graz (Austria) is occupied

University of Klagenfurt (Austria) is occupied

University of Linz (Austria) is occupied

Academyof  Fine Art in Vienna (Austria) is occupied

Technical University of Graz (Austria) is occupied

Technical University of Vienna (Austria) is occupied

Demonstrations are scheduled to take place across the country on Wednesday [28/10].

[28/10 - 0:10am GMT]

More than 40,000 people join demonstration in Vienna [28/10]

40,000 in Vienna.

4,000 in Graz.

500 in Salzburg.

Protests in Klagenfurt and Linz.

In early afternoon [28/10] the assembly hall of the faculty of social sciences at the University of Innsbruck was squatted by students.

Lecture rooms and spaces at all principal universities in Austria are occupied by student activists. Only the little university of Leoben, which specializes in mining is not yet seized by the waves of protest.

The latest press release can be accessed here.

[30/10 - 6:10pm GMT]

message from austria

I was asked to publish the following message in here:

Dear friends and colleagues!

The Vienna University of Technology is on fire! All Austrian Universities are on fire!
Statement of the protesting students:

Lecture Hall 1 of the Vienna University of Technology has been occupied since Tuesday, 27th of October 2009. The protesting students strongly identify themselves with the „Audimax“-movement of the University of Vienna. In addition to the demands made by the Students at the University of Vienna the protesting students at the Vienna University of Technology aim to call attention to the specific problems concerning the largest technical university of Austria. The large demonstration that took place on Wednesday, 28th of October was supported by 1500 students of the Vienna University of Technology.

A short chronology of Events:

  • The protest was initiated on Tuesday, 20th of October by students and tutors at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vienna who decided to embark on a work stoppage. The building has been occupied since then.
  • Since Thursday, 22nd of October the largest lecture hall in Austria, the University of Vienna‘s Audimax, has been occupied. A huge protest movement has developed with the students organising a large variety of task groups, a communal kitchen and a daily agenda including an evening program. A live-stream and a homepage were installed, information regarding the occupation and the full demands of the occupants can be found at .
  • A general meeting took place on Tuesday, 27th of October at the Vienna University of Technology, deciding to also occupy the University Lecture Hall 1.
  • The following day a demonstration took place in Vienna. The organisers claim that 50.000 people participated.
  • At this moment all notable Austrian universities (a total of 10) are occupied by students.


Demands of the Audimax-Occupants:

1) Education instead of Schooling
Education for a mature society as opposed to just schooling according to economical applicability! Our goal is to make free, self determined studies available to everyone! We demand an end to the schoolification of our curricula and therefore a fundamental revision of the BA/MA system!

2) Free access to universities
We want a free place at university for everyone and the abolishment of tuition fees, including those for non-EU Citizens and long-term-students. The guarantee of an adequate offer of studies must not be obtained by the implementation of entry restrictions. Free access to universities and a high quality of teaching are not a contradiction! There are not too many students but rather too few university places!

3) Democratisation of universities
Our goal is the democratic organisation of universities. This includes democratisation of the administration in a way by which professors, students and scientific as well as non-scientific personnel are equally involved in the decision-making procedure.

4) Full financing of universities

5) The realization of the Disability Discrimination Act must take place at all Austrian universities

6) An end to uncertain employment relationships at the universities

7) A 50% proportion of women in all areas of university personnel

Specific demands regarding the Vienna University of Technology:
The protesters at the Vienna University of Technology have formed a task group to gather and study the problems of students at their own university. Owing to the fact that the educational sector is lacking great amounts of money there are too few laboratory places for computer sciences, architecture and chemistry. Due to the growing number of elementary students for physics, restrictions are also feared in this field of study. All teacher training courses are uncertain as to their continued existence, should they be abolished at our university, there would, for instance, be no training for the school subject „descriptive geometry“ in the whole of Austria.

The personal commitment of students as tutors is compensated by means of wage agreement payments, but these payments reduce the total budget for tutors. It is feared that the phases at the beginnings of studies will be intensified by means of „knock-out“-exams.

The Ministry of Science desires more academics in Austria but provides for budgets that are too small for this purpose. The only official policy is to continue to reduce costs. The students of the Vienna University of Technology are protesting against this complete ignorance and the steady worsening of educational conditions.

Call to solidarise with the protests

The students of the Vienna University of Technology call for all students to solidarise with the Austrian students and also to organise protests at their universities! Most of our problems (including criticism of the Bologna-System and entry restrictions) are pan-European problems!
Best regards!