All groups and organizations willing to support the call for the "Education is NOT for $A£€ - Global Week of Action" are asked to leave a "comment" below or send a message to:[at]


The following groups and organizations are supporting the call so far:

  • AK Bildungspolitik [Halle, Germany]

  • Burundi Students [Burundi]

  • University College London: Students for a Free Education [London, United Kingdom]

  • Association of Students from Turkey [United Kingdom]

  • "Mobilized students in Lyon" [Lyon, France]

  • National Youth Coalition Student Assembly (NYCSA-SL) [Sierra Leone]

  • "London Activists" (University of Western Ontario) [London, Canada]

  • Uni von Unten [Zurich, Switzerland]

  • Ri-Scossa Studentesca [Milano, Italy]

  • New Democratic Youth [international, Europe]

  • Col.lectivo La Rimaia [Barcelona, Catalonia/Spain]
  • Coordinadora Internacional de Madrid [Madrid, Spain]

More groups are expected to be added within the next couple of days.

Two additional sponsors . . .

Please list . . .

Liberty Tree Foundation


Democratizing Education Network

Both U.S.A..

Thanks much - Ben