[UPDATES] "Global Day of Action" - Nov.17th 2010


Latest news on developments related to the "Global Day of Action" around the world:
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  • On the Philippines students held a mass action in Mendiola, which is a part of the capital Manila, to protest fees and cuts. (philippinerevolution.net)
    (On November 25/26th faculty and staff went on strike at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) and the University of the Philippines (UP).)
  • As part of the "Global Day of Action" student activists staged flashmobs in about 10 cities across Poland, which was directed against the "Bologna Procecss". They were coordinated by Demokratyczne Zrzeszenie Studenckie (DZS). Further details in Polish with videos: demokratyczne.pl

"Education is Not for $AL€!"

  • In Skopje, the capital of the Rep. of Macedonia, student activists of the independent student group Sloboden Indeks arranged a small performance, a flashmob and a speech. (more pictures also on facebook)

on the banners it says: "Education is not for Sale!" - "The System Sucks!" - "No Fees!" - "Students = Sheep"

"student being hanged by the state"

  • Various faculties at universities in different cities in Italy were occupied on that day as well. Pictures and Videos are available on uniriot.org

  • Banner drop at the University of Ottawa (Canada). Message sent in:

Hey comrades,
Glad to hear all the reports back from actions on November 17th!
Here are some pictures from the banner drop that happened in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
The banner says "Education is NOT 4 Sale. One World One Struggle"
On Thursday November 18th a townhall was held at University of Ottawa to discuss the state of accessibility to post-secondary education. Many students stopped by to voice their concerns and anger towards our university's administration. On Monday November 22nd, our Board of Goveners will be meeting to discuss the finances of the university, and most likely vote in favour of a tuition fee hike somewhere in the area of 4.2%. There will most likely be actions planned around this meeting.
In solidarity,


  • Fashmob in Bremen (Germany). Press release in German can be downloaded here.
    This report was sent in:

at Bremen university we organized several flashmobs around the International Student's Day. They were taking place at Bremen central station, right in the middle of a shopping street and in the Campus cafeteria. We were about 30-40 students taking part, falling all down together as a consequence of performing pressure ("Vom Leistungsdruck erschlagen"). Each of us was holding certain claims for improvement in universitary education system.
Also we held up a geeral assembly the following day to discuss the current protests going on and to plan further activities. Not just the university, also the colleges in Bremen were involved in the education-flashmobs.

A second recording of such a flashmob at a shopping mal is also availabe here.

  • Video of the biggest demonstration in Portugal for the last 6 years. Students from across the country protesting in the capital Lisbon against budget cuts on November 17th as part of the "Global Day of Action":

  • Leaflet distributed in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) by the group PEMBEBASAN:

  • Video message from the Punjab Student Union (India) going out to all of you around the world fighting for free education. It is their contribution to the "Global Day of Action". Maybe some of you also want to record your own video message to the world.

  • Report sent in on the "Free Minds in place of Education Zombies" street theatre staged in Vienna (Austria):

This action for the international students' day was combined with a protest against the parallely on going negotiations in the austrian parliament/government concerning the cuts in social services and education.
Some actresses and actors were desguised with masks of politicians as education zombies and the others more colorful as students. The performance included from a fog out coming education zombies, who scared the motivated students. In all this trouble the students finally caught the zombies with the banner "17.11. International Students' Day - free and emancypatory education".

Best wishes from vienna!
action group 17.11.

  • Report on protests against the Regents meeting at the University of California (San Francisco, U.S.A.): reclaimuc.blogspot.com

  • 400 students staged a sarcastic jubilation demonstration in Freiburg (Germany) under the device "Golden Times for Education: Leadership, Fees, Competition". To connect the action with the "Global Wave" a huge banner was hung at the city theatre saying "Emancipating Education". (more pictures: go.asta.uni-freiburg.de)


  • About 400 pupils came together for a demonstration through the city centre of Osnabrück (Germany), junctions were blocked. (pictures: noz.de, de.indymedia.org)


  • An activist group at the Friedrich Alexander University (FAU) in Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany) published a press release and arranged some artistic actions on campus. Slogans on huge pieces of paper were pasted everywhere, buildings were surrounded with warning tapes, votive candes placed outside in combination with "education corpses". (faubrennt.de)


  • A few hundred students joined a demonstration in Hildesheim (Germany) to protest for free education. (de.indymedia.org)

Videos and pictures of yesterdays protests at the Regents meeting (University of California) are coming in now:

  • "UC Cop pulls gun on protesters and pictures from 11/17/2010 action at UCSF Mission Bay campus
    UC protest: Protesters square off with cops; officer pulls out weapon - video - KTVU San Fancisco.
    UC students & workers confront UC Regents: indybay.org


[updated 10:10pm GMT]

  • About 2,000 people joined protests in Sardinia (Italy): 800 in Sassari, 500 in Olbia and Cagliari each and 300 in Nuoro. Sit-ins were staged at high-schools and no trouble with the police reported.


  • 3,000 students and pupils protested in Neapoli (Italy) today:

(further details in Italian on facebook)

  • About 50 pupils and students came together for a "Zombie"-flashmob in Berlin (Germany). Report in German: de.indymedia.org

[updated: 9:45pm GMT]

  • The following message was sent in by mail:
    "About 7000 students demonstrated today in Lisbon, Portugal, from the city center to the National Parliament, demanding the end of the austerity measures that are affecting students and their families. 3000 came from the city of Coimbra, but people from all over the country participated, making this the biggest demonstration of the last 6 years.
    The only picture I could get right now (I just came from the demonstration) was this one, taken by Paulete Matos:

  • pictures of todays demonstration against budget cuts in Regensburg (Germany), which was joined by about 10,000 people:

(more pictures on facebook)

[updated 9:30pm GMT]

  • California, U.S.A.: "police chief: 13 arrested: 11 students, 7 from UC Berkeley. 1 student charged with assault w/ deadly weapon. Approx 3 officers injured." (twitter)

[updated 9:25pm GMT]

  • Zombie street theatre in Vienna (Austria):


(further pictures on flickr; unibrennt.at)

[updated 9:05pm GMT]

  • Cop pulls gun on protesting students on campus at UC (pictures of protest: sfgate.com)
  • California, U.S.A.: UC student protesters clash with riot police, who are guarding the entries to the building where the Regents' meeting is held. Protesters were attacked with pepperspray and batons, many were injured. Media reports confirm - at least 16 arrests. (nbcbayarea.com, huffingtonpost.com)

[updated 8:45pm GMT]

First pictures and videos are coming in.

  • pictures of demonstration in Gießen (Germany):

(more pictures on facebook)

  • pictures of demonstration in Rome (Italy):

(more pictures on facebook)

  • Todays demonstration in Padova (Italy):

[updated 6:40GMT]

  • "A UC spokesperson has stated that at least 16 people who tried to cross a police barrier have been arrested." (twitter)

[updated 6:20pm GMT]

[updated 5:50pm GMT]

  • News from the University of California (UC): "Cops are indiscriminately pepperspraying students outside. some students badly injured. 5 arrested. just to pass 8%" (twitter)

[updated 5:25pm GMT]

  • three students have been arrested in connection with todays protests against the Regents' meetings at the University of California (ucregentlive.wordpress.com)

[updated 5:10pm GMT]

  • Students and workers rip down barricades and storm building where the Regents' meeting is taking place at the University of California (U.S.A.). The Regents are expected to vote on an 8% increase in tuition fees. (twitter)

[updated 4:45pm GMT]

  • about 200,000 people join demonstrations in 70 cities across Italy (repubblica.it, video of demo in Forli)
  • general assembly at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich (Germany) with about 700 students is going on right now and will probably be followed by a protest action
  • 400 protesters each join demonstration in Gießen and Osnabrück (Germany)
  • 8,000 are protesting on the streets of Regensburg (Germany) right now
  • students began to occupy spaces at around 40 universities across Greece


  • (An NGO (YoCADS) in Liberia confirmed to stage a rally in Monrovia. But so far no report was sent in.)


Italian newspapers report that there were 2k students in Bologna, not 35k (it'd have been great tho :)