Reports linked to the "Global Wave"

Reports on Actions linked to the "Global Wave"

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Here you will find all reports of protests/actions linked to the "Global Wave of Action for Education" that were sent in so far. Feel free to post your report below or send it to and it will be added.
This page will be regularly updated at least until the end of November.

Kick-off, Oct.7th

The "Global Wave" kicked off on October 7th with a "National Day of Action to Defend Education" in the U.S. of A. with about 75 protests across the country. One highlight was the sit-in staged by over 600 students at a library of the University of California - Berkeley.

A great speech was held by Eva v. Drassow, which she held during a rally at the University of Minnesota.

A list of news reports of the day of action is available here.

Here is an example coming from Harlem (New York City):

And at the University of California (Berkeley):

Today preparations for protests against the annual IMF/Worldbank meeting in Washington DC began as well. The IMF Resistance Network sees its activities in context of the "Global Wave".

Groups in Munich and Bochum (Germany) marked the kick-off with a banner drop.
This is the message from activists in Bochum:

"While attending to a meeting ("Perspektiventreffen") at the Ruhr University of Bochum, activists discussed the idea behind the "Global Wave of Action for Education" and decided to express their solidarity on the 7th of October. In order to raise awareness of the Intrernational Student Movement, two banners were hung and flyers with the joint statement and an additional mobilisation text were distributed at the university. We wish the very best to all the activists who organise protests around the world.
One world, one struggle!"

And in Innsbruck (Austria) activists invited to a "kick-off party".

October 8th

High school students in about 80 cities across Italy took to the streets in protest against budget cuts and the increasing privatisation of education today.

The protests were called for by Unione degli Studenti (UDS), who also confirmed that this day of action is linked to the "Global Wave". According to them almost 300,000 pupils and students participated.

About 20 000 people joined the demonstration in Milan alone:

Later during the day the demonstration was attacked by police forces - at least 4 people were arrested:

Nice video coming from the protest in Bologna:

5000 high school students came together in Bari:

Videos of protests in some other cities:
Napoli + Torino + Bergamo + Brescia + Udine + Pordenone + Genova + Firenze + Livorno + Viareggio + Roma + Caserta + Lecce + Foggia + Cosenza + Reggio Calabria + Crotone + Catanzaro + Lamezia Terme + Cagliari + Oristano + Enna + Ragusa + Palermo + Termini Imerese + Sant'agata


Protests against the annual IMF/Worldbank meeting in Washington DC (U.S.A.), called by the IMF Resistance Network, began today with a rally through the city.

The IMF Resistance Network also endorses the international "joint statement" and understands its protests against the IMF/Worldbank (and capitalism) to be linked to the "Global Wave of Action for Education".
twitter: @anticapitalists + #resistIMF

Here are some pictures of the rally on Oct.8th:



The network continued its protest at night with an "anti-capitalista" march during which at least one person was injured due to police violence.


brief stand-off at Concordia Hotel - where IMF delegates were residing

Further pictures and some clips are available here.

October 9th

The IMF Resistane Network arranged a "Festival of Resistance" with bands, games, food and workshops somewhere in Washington DC (U.S.A.):

The festival was followed by a night march with a mobile soundsystem and a massive police presence. Shortly after protesters began to walk they were trapped by police forces. Later one by one was released again. One protester was beaten and arrested and had to spend at least one night in jail.

Today people also gathered for the...

in London (UK) which was organised by the Democracy Village Peoples Assembly (DV PA). As you can see on their website, the DVPA also endorsed the international "joint statement" and see its action in context of the "Global Wave". Up to 100 people came together for music, food, discussion and a rally. People's assemblies took place throughout the day. Their flier can by downloaded here.


Here is a video made ahead of the event:

Some more details and pictures are available here and a video of the rally can be accessed here.

October 12th

Thousands of students in about 15 cities across the Ukraine came together for demonstrations as part of the "Global Wave of Action for Education" and to protest against a government resolution allowing public universities to introduce new fees. They were called for by the independent student union "Direct Action".
Among the cities were Simferopol, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zhitomir, Kamyanets-Podolsk, Sumy, Khmelnitsky, Rovno, Kirovograd, Lugansk, Lutsk and Sevastopol. A complete reports is also online here.

The struggle for free emancipatory education for all is everywhere!!

Here are some footages from the protests in the capital Kiev:






More than 200 female university students protested against newly imposed school fees in the eastern city Kharkiv by taking off their clothes. The demonstrators gathered in the city's central square to shout and chant slogans in front of the provincial governor's office - some walking 500 metres topless in 8 degree Celsius temperature.

A protest spokeswoman said government plans to hike the cost of university education would leave a low-income student unable to continue studies 'without selling the clothes off her back.'
Banners carried by the marchers read, among other things, 'Knowledge is not a commodity' and 'A university is not a bazaar.'

Police presence at the protest was light and there were no arrests made.

More details:
~ (report) ~ ~ [II] (slideshow) ~
~ (pix) ~ (pix) ~ (news report, 17:22 onwards) ~ (pix) ~

October 15th

People organised with Cobas confirmed that the following action was linked to the "Global Wave". Report is also available in Italian on


15 October in Italy: 30% of workers of State School on strike and one hundred thousand in the streets.


Teachers, staff, students, parents and workers of other fields demonstrate in defence of State School as a Common Good

A really great day for the fight to defend a crucial common good which is State School for all people. Figures show us that 30% of workers were on strike, which is an extremely important result considered that our plea to all unions to call a strike together had not been answered and that the responsibility for the initiative bore all upon our shoulder. At least one hundred thousand demonstrators- teachers, staff, students, parents, factory workers and labourers of other fields joined in regional demonstrations called by COBAS, with particularly high presence in Turin (about 20.000) Rome (15.000) Naples (15.000) Palermo and Cagliari (7.000) and Pisa (6.000).

Strike and marches were against cuts of hours and subjects at school and loss of jobs (140.000 loss in 3 years)and pointed out the fact that the impoverishment of state school is a process which has been going on for 20 years and that both centre-right and centre left governments are to blame  for that but at he same time the current policy of cutting represents a quantitative leap which makes us fall dawn the precipice of a “misery –school” without funds and hopes.

What prevailed in the demonstrations were requests such as the cancellation af all cuts, the hiring of temporary teachers on regular contracts, a massive funding according to average European standards, the full retrieving of seniority increases and contracts for teachers and staff to make workers ward off the loss of on average 40-50 thousand euros.

It is a source of satisfaction  that in the streets with teachers, staff and students there were also factory workers in the engineering industry , from Fiat especially, civil servants and also committees of casual workers and parents who oppose the “misery-school” of Gelmini-Tremonti but that do not forget the negative role played by centre- left parties which were in dominant position during Prodi government.

In Turin, in the framework of the general Provincial strike,

with teachers, staff and students there were

FIAT workers and chemical  and mechanical factories ones, civil servants and national health service workers.

In l’Aquila, in the streets  with “the people of State School”  there were SEVEL–FIAT workers and  a lot of townspeople who protested against the dishonest and scoundrel handling of the “reconstruction” which has not even given  the tormented city its schools and universities back.

At Adro COBAS demonstrated at the side of colleagues who proudly did something that no public authority had done: stopping the expropriation of a school undertaken by a political faction, the disruptive “leghismo” that would like a school to be  divided into ethnic groups and religions and  to be handed over to private groups and political parties.

In Rome the police stopped the demonstrators who had been demonstrating by the MIUR for hours from heading for the Parliament but the demonstration took place anyway in the city centre that the Mayor Alemanno would like to be off-limits for marches.

In Naples as well the police action affected the demonstration, where Pomigliano Fiat workers were present, charging at part of the demonstration and causing injuries and provisional arrests.

Great participation in Palermo, Cagliari and Pisa at regional demonstrations and at the provincial one in Catania; demonstrations took also place in Bologna, Bari, Genova, Perugia and Venezia.

Now the struggle will go on with the Campaign Against Collaboration and Illegality at School which has already blocked hundreds of schools extra activities, projects, school trips and all that is not a teaching activity or a contract compliance besides crossing all illegalities (not calling substitute teachers, putting together different classes, asking families for financial contributions etc) carried out daily to hide the pothole of the “misery-school”.


Piero Bernocchi

National spokesman of COBAS - Italy

October 19th

More than 20,000 students, professors, parents and rectors took to the streets of Austria as part of a day of action including general assemblies at all 21 public universities across the country - 15,000 of them in Vienna alone.

Following the general assembly and the demonstration "the Audimax" - largest lecture hall at the University of Vienna - was re-occupied. Why "RE"-occupied? Because the exactly same lecture hall was also squatted for almost 3 months by thousands of students one year ago and became some sort of symbol of resistance for the occupations that spread across Europe and beyond in the following weeks last year.

About 800 students stormed the "Audimax" today and squatted it for 12hrs overnight. Remaining protesters were escorted outside by the police.

Activists declared the day of action in Austria as part of the "Global Wave".

At the Johann-Kepler University of Linz a resolution was passed by the 1,000 students who attended the general assembly rejecting any sort of tuition fees and restrictions to the access of higher education.

3,000 people rocked the streets in the city of Graz, 1,500 in Innsbruck and 1,000 in Linz and Salzburg each.

At first the campus including the "Audimax" at the University of Vienna was surrounded by police forces, who later retreated again.

Tomorrow (Oct.20th) protests as part of the "Global Wave" in various regions of Indonesia are expected!

"Money for Education instead of Deportation!"
            "Education for a self-determined society"

                                                                             "Rich parents for ALL"

"right to education"

Massive protests in the U.S.A., Italy, the Ukraine and Austria within the past 2 weeks! Let's use that energy and spread the "Global Wave" !!

October 20th

Following the eviction of the "Audimax" at the University of Vienna (Austria) about 60 students decided to continue their protest by blocking a main road junction. When they were about to disperse police forces surrounded them. IDs of eight activists were recorded. A general plenum to discuss how to continue with the movement was announced for 4pm at the Arts Academy.




The follow report was sent in by activists at the University of Essex (UK). They confirmed this action to be linked to the "Global Wave".

Today (October 20th) over 120 students attended an urgent rally on the University of Essex campus in opposition to the further marketization of the United Kingdom's education system in the form of proposed devastating cuts and unlimited tuition fees. The students spread information to passing students and handed out flyers and posters before marching to the Vice-Chancellor's offices, which posted security inside and out in order to prevent entry by any student. The rally railed against the administration for condoning the government's actions attacking students and cutting opportunities for learning in the country. The crowd, not being answered by the offices, spontaneously decided to occupy the largest lecture hall on the campus, and held a passionate meeting discussing such topics as what the attacks meant and why they were happening, what we can do to oppose them and build solidarity with other communities' struggle, and how far we were willing to go to counter-attack and push education in the opposite direction. The consensus was: "Whatever it takes." It was agreed upon that the meetings become regular on Wednesdays, and that the attendees would spread awareness to build the actions agreed upon, such as attending the Education Activist Network Conference in London on the October 31st, and the National Demonstration against cuts and fees in London on November 10th. The International Student Movement was mentioned, and a list of the recent global events taken as inspiration for future action.

One World, One Fight, Free and Emancipatory Education For All.

For any information contact


PEMBEBASAN was among the leading actors calling for protests for free education and against increasing prices for basic necessities in Indonesia on Oct.20th!

They mobilised for these protests as part of the "Global Wave" in various cities.

Some pictures from Jakarta:



Samarinda, East Borneo

Yogyakarta, DIY


A more complete report is online here.

November 1st

As part of the "Global Wave" a group of students, parents and teachers is currently preparing the "1st Marburg Education Forum" (Germany) for November 20th.
To inform more people about the "Global Wave" itself a banner was hung at a bridge which pretty much everybody heading to the Faculty of Social Sciences must pass by:

November 3rd

The Union of Students Ireland (USI) called for a demonstration against a possible increase in registration fees for university students. In the end up to 40,000 people flooded the streets.

Students from Free Education for Everyone (NUI Maynooth, NUI Galway) and the Students in Solidarity Network (University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin) issued a call for a clearly visible left-wing presence a demonstration against the re-introduction of third level fees, in the form of a registration fee increase or otherwise and also declared it to be part of the "Global Wave".

The following report was sent to the ISM mailing list:

The Students in Solidarity Network and the Free Education for Everyone Campaign called for a "Left Block" in order to mark ourselves out from the political leadership of USI, many of whom are members of neoliberal political parties. We lead a breakaway from the main demonstration and approx. 2000 students joined us. First we had a short protest at the Irish Parliament building before going to the department of Finance which was occupied by between 30 and 40 students.

After some time the police managed to force us out of the building, after doing so they baton charged the supportive crowd outside repeatedly, even after we began a sit-down protest.

Mounted police, riot cops and dogs were all brought out.
Several students suffered head injuries, and one female students was knocked unconscious. A few arrests. As usual the media aren't too friendly so far, still to early to gauge public reaction.
USI released a statement condemning us . FEE and SIS released a joint statement since then.

A number of photos have emerged showing students having sustained serious injuries at the hands of Gardai.

The following video gives you a pretty good idea of what happened on that day:

~ [II] ~ [II, III] ~ ~ ~

November 11th

The following report was sent in:

On November 11, 2010 protest action called "Students' offensive" took place in the center of Kiev.

The rally was also supported in other cities of the Ukraine, similar actions took place in Poltava and Khmelnytsky, activists from almost all regions of Ukraine have sent to the government their letters supporting the protesters’ demands.

About one month ago, on October 12, 2010 students and teachers all over the Ukraine protested against the commercialisation of education. 20,000 people took to the streets to express their protest to the decree #796, which would made students to pay for missed lectures and for re-taking examinations.
As a result, most controversial articles of this decree were abolished. Now students speak not only against the ideas of the government, they want to promote their own vision of education.

This time the demands were:

  • to increase student scholarships to achieve a minimum subsistence level;
  • to increase teachers’ wages and reduce their teaching loads;
  • to reduce the prices in university canteens;
  • to make all financial statements transparent;
  • free choice of non-core subjects;
  • free attendance of lectures;
  • 24-hour access to the dorms.

Students have picketed in front of the Ministry of Education and Science. Their demands were drawn on stones and thrown into the territory of the Ministry through the fence, as the territory was locked from inside.
The fence was all covered with posters "Remember 1968", "Go to hell with your rulings", "Against commercialisation of education". Slogan “Education is not for sale!” was drawn directly in front of Ministry’s fence. But nobody even plucked up courage and came out to talk with the protesters, the fence was locked and even the employees of the Ministry were forced to use the back door.

Students are awaiting a response. They have promised to return in the future if the government would ignore them.

Now the struggle continues directly at our places of study.

The action was organized by the nationwide youth organisation "Foundation of Regional Initiatives" (FRI) and the anarcho-syndicalist student labour union "Direct Action".


largest demonstration in linz, austria, since april 2009

2000 social workers, students, immigrants, pupils and further vicitims of the social and education cuts were demonstrating on friday in linz.

additionally on friday: 500 took the streets against the budget cuts in salzburg. 400 pupils striked in wels (60000 inhabitants) though heavy raining and occupied the social democrats. pupils strike and demonstration against the luxury meeting in vienna.

November 15th

Students at Purbanchal University (Nepal) went on strike today to protest for better support and accessibility to higher education for poor students through a 20% scholarship programme.

They explicitly stated that their action is also part of the "Global Wave of Action for Education".

Message delivered via an online chat meeting.

November 17th: "Global Day of Action"

Hundreds of thousands around the world protested against fees, cuts and for free emancipatory education by joining events as part of the "International Students' Day" and the "Global Day of Action" around the world.

Reports of activities came in from Austria, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the Rep. of Macedonia and the U.S.A.

Here are some pictures of that day:








Collection of reports, pictures and videos is online here!

November 19th

Students and faculty staff at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) kicked off a wave of protests across the country with a walk-out today. The protests are directed against recently announced budget cuts and the increasing privatisation of public education.

The National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) and the League of Filipino Students (LFS) confirmed that the protests in the coming days are part of the "Global Wave".


November 22nd

Students and faculty staff intensified their protest today and went on strike at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

November 24th

Students occupied the president's office at the University of Ottawa (Canada) against hikes in tuition fees.
A press release was sent out by the protesters.



On the Philippines around 100 students from different public colleges and universities stormed the Senate to urge lawmakers to stop the billion-peso cut on their budgets.


November 25th

A huge alliance including groups such as the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP) and the League of Filipino Students (LFS) called for strikes at the University of the Philippines (UP), which has campuses across the country. The call to strike can also be accessed here.
Also students and workers at the Polytechnic University (PUP) joined, where strikes already began on Nov.22nd.
These protests are nothing new. Remember March 2010? This clip will help.


More videos, pictures and reports:

November 26th

About 1000 students staged a sit-in at the Ministry of Education of Nepal in Kathmandu to protest for more accessible higher education. The protest was called for by the All Nepal National Free Student Union (ANNFSU).

All colleges affiliated with Purbanchal University are closed due to the protests. And students at Purbanchal University itself have been on strike for over a week now. It is unclear how much longer they will stay on strike, but according to them they are determined to keep boycotting classes until their demands are met.

A report sent in by a local activist can be read here.




Strikes and walkouts across the Philippines continued for a second day in a row. About 5,000 students and faculty staff took to the streets in the capital Manila and managed to storm the Finance Department. Speeches were then held there for hours.

Videos: (II, III)


In Baguio City the president of the Philippines was disruppted by protesters while inaugurating a famous fast food restaurant. Those were immediately attacked by police forces, which resulted in 15 students being injured.

sources: (video) - (video)

November 30th

About 1000 students took to the streets of Santiago (Chile) to protest the privatisation of education. Currently they face cuts for classes in history and social sciences.

Protesters were attacked and chased by the police. In the end 46 students were detained.






Report in Spanish: